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Hi there- Last monday night I had unprotected sex with a partner. We were both tested 1.5 months ago and both were negative. However, 4 days later I noticed a small red bump on my shaft, and have since developed more of them. These do not appear to be blisters- it's now been 3 days since I noticed them, and they do not hurt, are not blisters, are not open sores, there are just many 15-20 small red bumps.

I'm very concerned for herpes, as I likely should be. I did a culture test today & the doctor said it's possible, but that if it is herpes, it will likely blister and rupture soon and they we may just be looking at this too soon. So, I'm naturally checking constantly to see if they are blistering. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Was it an IgG test for both of you that was negative for HSV1 and HSV2?
If so then there is probably not any cause for concern.
Your symptoms are not overly suggestive of herpes.
If blisters appear, then seek a swab immediately. If not I suspect these bumps wlll disappear in a couple of days without too much drama.
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Thank you Fleetwood. I was given medicine from the doctor yesterday to take 5 times a day for 14 days.

Are you saying that this doesnt sound like herpes, because they aren't blisters or hurt? I'm now worried that if they dont turn in to blisters, that it was the oral medication that prevented it. Thanks
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Well herpes doesn't 'appear' between couples that are negative for HSV! However there are a lot of wrong tests and when people say they tested for STDs, this does not usually include HSV.
I'm sorry, but im not sure if my partner has been with anyone else. That's my concern.
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I see, well if they had a test 1.5 months ago and you've noticed nothing untoward like sores in the genital region then it is most unlikely.
Did you check to see whether you had the herpes IgG testing? You usually have to ask for it by name in order for them to actually do that. You cannot assume an STD panel includes herpes by default. Even then some only test for HSV2.
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