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Hello . I was diagoned with herpes 4 weeks before . On october 11 i had sex with sexworkers . I have no itchy no pain no sores in my penis nd i have no symptoms . On november 8 i go to massage centre nd they do hand job to me . Within 2 days i feel more itchy nd burning in my penis nd developed 4 to 5 bumps but no pus in it . I had mild fever , headache , backpain nd lower extermities pain . After 7 days the symptoms go away nd i back to normal . On november 16 i go to test centre nd they give me hsv positive . But i dont know whether it is hsv 1 or 2 . I have that bumps in my penis till now . They didnt form any blisters nd no pain nd they were aslike 4 weeks ago . What should i do . Whether i have hsv 1 or hsv 2 . After handjob only i got itchy nd sores .. is their any other disease is with me ???
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Hi, bumps that you are describing donot suggest herpes as dont stay there that long and the other std that causes bumps like that, maybe a fungal infection.
You should find out if you have hsv1 or hsv2 and what test did you have and any numbers involved
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Ya i do blood antibody test . It got igg level 95 nd igm negative . I tested within 1 month after intercourse . I got all symptoms regarding herpes like little fever it comes nd goes nd body heating nd leg pain . Nd also have fishy odour like smell while my foreskin is removed in penis . What should i do ??
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Most likely you have oral hsv1 that you got when you were a child.
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But after intercourse and massage i developed those symptoms like lower back pain , flu like symptoms nd swollen lymph node . Please help me
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Having a massage would not expose you to herpes. Maybe just a common flu
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Thank you so much doctor for patience nd replying answer to me not only me billions of people all over world . We are very thankful to you . All doctors around world still get their fame from people because of docotors like . Thank you doctor from my heart .
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