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I went to the doctor and got an sti check for everything. Which also included a blood test. It came back a low positive testing. But I never ever had an outbreak. So I called another doctor and she said that I came in contact with some one and as long as I didn't have any bumps I will be fine. The partner I was involved with went and got tested and he doesn't have it, nor had any symptoms.  It's been two months and I still never had an outbreak. What does this mean? Am I fine? What should be done ?
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Exactly what test did you have? IgG or IgM? Type specific for HSV1 and HSV2 or combined?
Combined testing
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Combined testing is fairly useless. This has probably identified an oral HSV1 infection from your youth.
I thought so because a couple of months before i gotten tested, it's a habit to just get every thing. & like I said I never had any symptoms. The second doctor told me the same thing. but does that mean I can't have sex ? Or should I give it more time ?
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You do not have genital herpes, so all is good!

People with HSV on their genitals can (and do) have plenty of sex!
Thank you.
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