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Herpeselect HSV 2 IGG AB test results


My test results were .89 for HSV II. I have not had any visible outbreaks, but I have had a positive partner. The last time we had any sexual activity was probably about 4 months ago, and last time we had intercourse was at least 6 months ago.

Can you explain why the results are not 0.0? I could not find an answer. Is it possible that the anti-bodies have not built up enough to make the result positive, or would it just automatically be higher than 1.1?

I am only curious since the result is so close to the equivocal range of .90-1.1.

Is it worth re-testing or is .89 definitely negative? Could the Herpes Zoster virus antibodies cause the .89?
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**** your doctor.  You can go through Westover and have the materials sent to a Quest near you.  And then you can have a conclusive result.  No sex with anyone in 6 months right?

As you may know, HSV positive patients are rarely truly asymptotic.  I'm guess you know what to look for and if you really haven't noticed anything of concern, then most likely you are truly negative.
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If the last time you've had intercourse with anyone was that long ago, you should forego any more IgG testing and just get the Western Blot. It's well worth the cost. For me it cost $50 to become a patient at Westover Heights and my insurance covered the rest.

Did you know he was + when you were having sex?  Did you use protection?  Do you have HSV1?  This can slow antibodies but not normally so much that you wouldn't have converted by now. You didn't take any valtrex or lysine by chance did you?  It seems like this is probably just a blip - no one is ever 0.0 on the antibody tests.
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And you say you haven't had visible outbreaks.  

So then, what have you had that's gotten you so concerned?
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Yes we used protection and had knowledge of it. I have only taken Valtex for a shingles infection like 2 or 3 years ago, so I'm guessing that doesn't factor in. And my concern was just if I didn't have symptoms and could possibly be infected, more peace of mind for myself. I'd like to know if I was infected or not.

My doctor doesn't seem willing to do the Western Blot test.  
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Was your partner a confirmed carrier of HSV2?

What exactly does the test say? Does it say <0.89 or <0.90 for example?
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Yes they are confirmed.

The results say <0.90  and then says reference range 0.89
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Yeah, I just went to their site, I can call tomorrow and figure it out. Do you know how long it takes for the results to come back?

My assumption is that I'm negative too, but it's my luck that the result would be as close to equivocal as possible, and that didn't really give me anymore peace of mind.
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Took mine almost 2 weeks to come back.
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If you want to thank me or Fleetwood, do it by posting your WB results when you get them.
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My Western Blot came back within 5 days of drawing blood. Also they have a staff there that answers a ton of herpes questions daily and are more knowledgable then 75% of the doctors I have seen regarding herpes.

I trust this result. I suggest everyone do the same.
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The result is therefore not 0.89 but likely  to be way less. Negative results are reported as <0.90.

There is no need for further testing, you are a clear negative.
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Thank you Fleetwood20, I just looked at the results with this explanation in mind and that makes a ton of sense. I should have realized that with every other test listed above that one in that column was the acceptable/normal results range.

This should be a lesson to people like me who over think things and ignore the obvious.
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