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Herpeselect reliability at 10 weeks post risk.

I had unprotected vaginal and oral with a girl of unknown background back in January. The next morning I had a thin red line under my lower lip that resolved in a couple days, no pain no itch.

Since then I've been worried about all sorts of things.

Here are the tests I've had:

1/30  Chlamydia PCR  NEGATIVE
2/20  Gonorrhea PCR  NEGATIVE
4/4-ish  HIV and Herpes NEGATIVE

Herpeselect IGG <.9 for both HSV 1 and 2  

I'm still worried.   March 22 I had an abscess near my perineum recur. It first appeared back in September but never ruptured, just went away after about a week.  This time it ruptured and the doc put me on Bactrim. I had what I feel was an allergic reaction. Fever, rigors, rash etc.

2 days after my risk, wife and I have relations.  Next day I had a little itch/feeling in my urethra. This prompted all the anxiety and testing.  Came back clean so I went on with life.   I have had a continuous irritation at my meatus.

Doc looked and wasnt concerned.  It doesn't hurt but its there

My abscess has come to a head again.   Ive been, for the last 2 weeks, having some pain/sensaions on the inside of my left thigh. (the abscess is on the left side of my perineum) and some odd pain/sensations in my penis.  This has been pretty much constant for the last month+.  

For a little bit after my risk, my wife had an itchy vulva, not constant but usually between her periods.  No other symptoms. She stopped taking her birth control and it subsided.  

Today she has a sore throat, says its pretty bad. Not running a fever, no chills, aches or flu like symptoms.  I'm scared to death that I've given her something.

Please help.
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Grace?  Terry?  are y'all here?  Please I'm really anxious
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please be patient! this is a volunteer forum and our rules of posting are located under the important announcements tab if you haven't read them yet.

your guilt is the real issue here from the sounds of things.

see your provider again about the abscess you have. they should be sending off a bacterial swab if they haven't yet to check for MRSA.  

you've tested negative for herpes though you didn't mention what testing you had done. really no reason to be thinking you have herpes.

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I apologize Grace.

Thank you for your answer.   The Doc didn't take a swab or test for MRSA however he was concerned.  He prescribed Bactrim DS. 8 days into the 10 day regime I had a horrible reaction. Fever, pain with eye movement and finally a slight rash.

I'm taking Clindamycin 3x a day now.  If this thing recurs once more (my left leg hurts off and on) I'm going back to get DEFINITIVE action taken. I'm a corporate pilot which requires I sit for long periods.

Again, Grace, its a wonderful thing you and all the other volunteers do here for us. I apologize for my impatience.
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BTW it was HerpeSelect IgG performed by Quest Labs.
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