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Herpetic Urethritis?

19 years old, female.

I have been (or thought so) dealing with an UTI for about a month and a half. First time, I went to the doctor, did a normal urine test, accused an infection. I took medicine. The symptoms didn't go away. Since then I've been to the doctor twice, did two more urine tests there, and I also did a more extensive urine test in a lab (the ones that tell you which bacteria can it be, and all). They all tested negative for an UTI, or a bacteria. The thing is, I still have some of the symptoms.

One thing that has gone away since like a week ago, and that was the most uncomfortable thing for me, was the constant feeling, and pain, of wanting to go to the bathroom and not being able to. Like 24/7.

The symptoms I have now are going to the bathroom a lot more than I used to, and urinate less in each of those than I used to (even tho now usually I don't have that constant feeling to go) and like a burning feeling when I end peeing, not so much starting, burning feeling when I walk. This burning feeling is like at the entrance of the urethra. Also if I don't drink a huge amount of water and go to the bathroom from 10 to 10 minutes because of it, it feels like it gets dry and irritated.

I also have been diagnosed with herpes a few months ago when I had an outbreak. I don't know for how long I had it before I had an outbreak, could've been years. My question is: Since no tests are accusing a bacteria anymore, or an UTI, could this be herpetic urethritis, an inner outbreak of herpes?

Does this sound like one? Should I take the medicine I take to treat outbreaks, instead of getting medication for UTI?
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Hi, one person described herpetic urethritis as the most painful thing they ever experienced so if your pain is not excruciating then you can rule out an open herpes sore inside your urethra.
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