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Herpetic Whitlow in infant

Hi, my 3 month old son has been getting these tiny bumps on his index and middle finger near the knuckle where he always ***** his fingers (and only where he ***** his fingers).  His hands are contantly clamy and now that Iu think about it, whenver I wash them off, I use a wipe and never really dry them?  could the bumps just be from constant moisture?  I'm freaking that it might be herpetic whitlow, however it looks nothing like the pics on the internet.  You can barely see the little bumps at all expcept for where I was looking at one and accintally popped it, and now it is red there, other than that you can't see them, I'm just a freak so I notice things like that lol.  I'm wondering if this could be herpetic whitlow?  I have this soemtimes on different fingers, and I just pop them and they go away, and I am constantly washing my hands, so my hands are pretty much wet at all times too?
Other than the bumps, he is fine, no fver or anything like that.
any info would be great, thank you!
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It could be but it's more likely not to be. infants who su ck on their hands and fingers frequently have cracks in the skin and marks on them.

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