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How likely am I to infect my partner if i have genital hsv 1


I just found out that I have Hsv-1 after my first genital breakout. I have never had a cold sore before either. I am not sure how I got it. Anyways my current partner does not have it. I have read that genital-to-genital transmission of hsv-1 is uncommon, and also that asymptomatic shedding of genital hsv-1 is uncommon, and I was wondering how likely it would be for him to contract it through giving me oral sex if I am not having an outbreak.
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How do you know your partner doesn’t already have it? Most people who have HSV one, have no symptoms. If you just had your first outbreak, unless you have engaged in oral sex performed on you (the cause of HSV1 on the genitals) with someone else, your current partner would be the source.
Even if your boyfriend has been tested for HSV1 specifically, IgG tests for the strain can miss up to 30% of infections.
Transmission during sex/oral theoretically can happen but unlikely. HSV1 genitally sheds infrequently.
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