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How long till an outbreak?

Beginning of November I had unprotected sex with my BF. turns out he had been cheating and had HSV2.  He told me 2 weeks after of his status. And that HE wasn't worried as he was taking suppressive meds.

The day before thanksgiving I went to urgent care and had swab testing done no noticeable sores were found. I continue to have burning, tingling, itching in my vagina area and shooting pain in my legs. I was put on famciclovir but then told to discontinue  when swab was negative.

I am a Month out with no sores. Would I have gotten and OB by now? I continue to have "prodome" symptoms. I was told a blood test would need to be done 3 months after for antibodies. The stress of wondering if every twinge is an OB is consuming me. Can the test be done earlier?
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just itching and pain and no obvious lesions usually isn't due to herpes. since you've taken famvir, hard to tell if that helped to keep from developing obvious lesions or not.  it's unfortunate that it appears that no one has sat you down and talked to you about all of this to help with your anxiety :(

so are you likely to contract hsv2 from your partner? Overall the risk is very low.  Odds are you've been exposed many times to his herpes and never knew it, it' s just now that you know he has it, your anxiety about it all is causing you issues.  

So what do you do now? Well your partner has had other partners so you need to cover your full std testing bases. you can test for gonorrhea, chlamydia and trich after 1 week after you last had sex with him. syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months. Unfortunately you can't cover your hpv testing base to include that too. Have you had your gardasil shots for hpv yet?

No more herpes antivirals unless you have obvious symptoms.  Swab testing without obvious lesions was a waste of your time too.

are you still with this partner?

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Grace thank you for responding. I don't have the HPV vaccine as I was over she when it was developed and had already had HPV (unknown source as I was not sexually active @15).  My only sexual encounter with my EX since January was at the beginning of November (he was out of the state until then).  He was clean in January when we had our "yearly testing".  So chances are he got this between Jan and Nov so I wouldn't have had any past exposure from him.

When I went to urgent care they swabbed for everything--and all where clear i was told. But based on it being so soon I think syphiis ought to be redone?? I have not had an HIV test yet-I will.

I think the ps k of info given to me is not helping my stress. Everything I read on line points the symptoms to me having the hsv 2 virus-and with the swab test not being a good test without lesions I didn't know what to do. Waiting until feb for a blood test will eat at me for sure. Not to mention make me not want to date.

We are not together anymore. If I could I'd have him arrested for not telling me and doing this. How careless a thing to do to someone you "love".  I want to be sure I'm covering the bases and not putting my daughter at risk or anyone else.

Again thank you for your help.
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Sorry for the typos. I'm on my phone and my 5 yo is using my back as a bounce house!
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your daughter would not be at risk for herpes from you! we never have that sort of contact with our children!

swab testing only covered chlamydia, gonorrhea and trich testing and only if they were ordered.

you also will need to check to see if either of you had herpes testing in January too.  it's typically not a part of routine std testing.

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I know the chlamydia and gonorrea was def tested for...the urgent cre doc said they would run the whole panel to be sure he hasdn't shared anything else with me.  Oh and the HSV swab.   I will call for the other tests.  As for the IgG test, is it worth doing now and again in February or to just wait it out and try not to stress?

Will having taken the antivirals do any harm to me?

Thanks again--I have read the handbook on your site several times now, as well as so many other websites my head is spinning.  
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no, antivirals won't harm you if you don't have herpes.

I'd get the herpes testing done in february for peace of mind.
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