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How often are G OBs from HSV-1?

I recently received test results of 13.60 for HSV-1 IgG with a negative HSV-2.  I have an appointment next week for further information but my mental state is chaotic.  I have never in my 33 years of life have had a cold sore and upon research, I’ve learned that HSV-1 as of late is presented more genitally than orally.   I tested for HSV in November 20 and my results were negative.  I have not been sexually active for over a year and my last partner I was with for several years.  Over the summer of 20 I had started a work out routine and I developed discomfort around my labia and vagina.  Upon inspection I noticed some redness and irritation that I assumed was due to the new regime and to shaving.  I’ve always been prone to razor burn and irritation from shaving and I’m no stranger to acne and ingrown hairs.  The redness turned into bumps that were hard and sensitive at times … I assumed they were ingrown hairs and I have popped some of them in the shower.  They are just like a zit.  Some release a hard white ball (for lack of better terminology), some are more cyst like with a thick white texture, and some look just like a little white head.  After they pop, they disappear.  There’s no open sore, no ulcer, no pain, no scabs.  Once I pop them, there’s no pain or discomfort.  I dove into research and read that it can take years after exposure to develop symptoms so that is what prompted me to get tested in November.  Results were negative so I continued on thinking that I just had vaginal acne issues.  I’ve continued to have this issue despite ending my work out routine.  It’s frequent.  Weekly to biwkly I find myself in a lot of discomfort and find another hard, irritated bump.  I’ve tried different soaps and acne washes to no avail.  Is this what a typical OB is like and do G HSV-1 OBs happen this frequently?  I’m so heartbroken over this :(
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Statistically, you have oral hsv1 - about half of adults in the US do, 2/3 globally. 90% will never get a cold sore, or at least don't remember getting one. Most people with hsv1 are infected as kids, usually when an adult kisses them.

That said, you do have something going on, but it doesn't sound like herpes. Have you ever had those looked at? Ghsv1 rarely recurs. Many people get an initial outbreak, and then never get another one.

You could have acne, but I'd have a dermatologist take a look to be sure. I'd also stop shaving in the meantime - just trim things really close if you need to do hair removal. You can buy a hair trimmer for under $20 on Amazon or at most drug stores, Target, Walmart, etc.

None of it sounds like an STD, if that helps. :)
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I have an appointment next week to have an exam.  I did the lab test through quest that was for everything and that HSV-1 was the only positive result.  Everything else was negative.   It’s the searches stating new HSV-1 cases are starting to be more genital than not is what has me in a tizzy.  But as you stated, all the searches say that it does not frequently recur after initial breakout and I’m having issues quite frequently.  I figured asking in a community for first hand experience would be a better bet than obsessing and endlessly reading every article I can find.  I truly appreciate your response and time!  My nerves have calmed a bit and I’m hoping for clarification at my appointment.  Thank you!
Currently, about 50% of new genital hsv infections are hsv1, but that doesn't mean that your hsv1 is genital. It means that we are getting better with type testing, and are more aware that people generally really like oral sex.

I'm glad you did the test, though - it's not always easy to get doctors to do the test, so you've gotten that out of the way. Let me know what your doctor says. :)
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