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How often is genital herpes confused with folliculitis

I recently had sexual encounters with two men whom I trust. Inexplicably, a month later, the left side of my scrotum began to itch. It went on for two days, and I didn't think anything about it, really. Then, one evening after a shower, I looked down and discovered what looked like small pimples, painless and somewhat hard, on the side of my scrotum and outer thigh. Concerned, I immediately wondered if I had herpes, although these bumps didn't hurt, weep, or look like blisters often associate with herpes. I had some anti-fungal skin cream that I placed on them, and within two days they were gone, as was the itch.

Fast forward, almost a month to this last week, when the red spots returned again, in the same place, but this time only on my thigh. They were smaller this time and not quite as raised. Again, I immediately worried about herpes. So, this time, I went to a doctor who has been practicing medicine in our community for 40 years. He took one look at the rash and diagnosed it as folliculitis and prescribed and oral antibiotic and for me to continue using the anti-fungal cream. In the four days since, the spots, which are always painless, have cleared. But, I have noticed several similar little spots--one here and one there--on my buttocks. And now, the skin between my scrotum and anus is tender.

My concern is that I might have been misdiagnosed. Could herpes be mistaken as folliculitis by a trained health professional?
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Herpes is miss diagnosed about half the time. Most of the time the diagnosis is herpes and the Dr is incorrect. Herpes lesions are superficial meaning on top of the skin. They arent hard either.
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