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How would I know?

I knew I had the cold sore virus, as my ex used to. However, I since found out, someone I slept with before has been diagnosed with Hsv-genital herpes. Not Type 2. When I found out, He assured me it was well after we had been together. I have regular testing and have had no outbreaks, but I have no coldsore outbreaks either. Concerned. I dont want to assume Im fine.  I was with him over a year ago, no symptoms in that time, but I know not everyone gets. What can I do? Or should I do?
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No need to do anything. You along with 70% or more of the population have HSV-1. You will have it orally and will not get it genitally.

Those that do not have it orally are at risk of HSV1 genitally if they receive oral sex from someone with HSV1.

This is of no consequence for you.
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Hi Frangipani77 - let me try to clarify. I'm not sure what regular testing you've had, but HSV is not included in the standard STD panel, so you have to ask for it specifically. The fact that your ex has the "cold sore virus" (I assume you mean he has oral HSV-1) is not a guarantee that you contracted it, especially since you don't recall ever having had symptoms. Ask your doctor for an IgG type-specific blood test, or if you want to be absolutely sure and money is not an issue, ask your doctor to order the Western Blot (gold standard and over 99% accurate) from the University of Washington. Tell your doctor you were told by a former partner that he has been diagnosed with genital HSV-1 - which he certainly may have contracted anytime before diagnosis, including before he met you - and that you need to know whether you've contracted it. Insist on a test. Be aware, however, that if it comes back positive, there's no way to know whether you have HSV orally or genitally, until you have an actual outbreak that you can then have swabbed for a PCR DNA test.
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