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HsV-2 on Tongue???

Protected sex with woman 9 weeks ago. Found out after she had Hsv-2. 26 hours after I had a red rash breakout in pubic hair region. Since encounter I have experienced weird breakouts on face, shoulders, and currently chest. Breakouts look like acne but do not behave like any zits I have ever had. This morning I woke up, and my mouth was sore. Tongue had a white film on it, and tiny red raised bumps on the top and sides. Hsv-2 IgG test Negative with reading .03 at 7 weeks post encounter. Appointment with Dermatologist this Friday.

My question is what would Hsv-2 look like on tongue? I am worried that it is very possible that if indeed I do have Hsv-2, that I transferred it to my mouth on accident. I have a terrible habit of biting my fingernails. It seems entirely plausible that if the initial red rash in pubic area was indeed herpes, that I transferred it to my mouth by touching rash then biting nail. I don't know how this could explain the face, chest, and shoulders. But something is going haywire with my skin. Prior to this past 9 weeks, I would have maybe one or two zits a year if that. Very clear skin. Now it looks very bad. Zits take forever to heal. At least a month.
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I think this is a case of stressing yourself too much about the possibility of being infected with HSV2.

You refer to protected sex. Did you give unprotected oral?

Your pubic area rash is not strongly suggestive of herpes.

Your all over body issues are most likely unrelated to herpes.

Your 7 week IgG test is clearly at the control minimum of the test. This means you have no antibodies in your blood at all at that time. About 80% of people would test positive by now if they were infected. Although you need a final test 12-16 weeks to be conclusive as close to 100% as is possible.
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No oral. Only protected intercourse. But I am worried that when I broke out in the pubic rash (potential herpes) that I may have touched it and then bit fingernail. I know this is a bad habit. There is definitely something wrong with my body, and it does seem like a strange coincidence that I ended up with all these skin issues after a sexual encounter with an HSV-2 infected person. I also had IGM blood tests done 3 days after the risky encounter, and 7 weeks later. These were both negative. I have read that most people don't support IGM tests for Herpes, so I am curious why a major health care provider would have them done.
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This would be exceptionally unlikely. Again you need to stop stressing and let your body get on with healing whatever may be wrong with it.

IgM tests are not at all conclusive, an indicator at best. I do not know either why they are offered or ordered by competent medical professional for adults. They have a role for children in certain circumstances only.

The fact that they are negative (IgM tests) is at least a negative assurance. Only the 3 week one would have minor merit as the antibodies if infected would have faded by now.
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I'm seeing a dermatologist tomorrow. Really hoping that I don't have an HSV-2 infection orally. Small raised red bumps on tongue. Feels like a type of film is on tongue too.
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That isn't herpes on your tongue. I have every confidence your 12 week testing will confirm negative for HSV2.

Do you have HSV1?
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No I don't. Dermatologist told me I do not have herpes. Couldn't tell me what I do have though. Told me to just move on because there's nothing to do even if I do have herpes.

Honestly at this point I'm just going to. I have followed up with three different doctors. They all say the same thing. No way you have herpes, and if you do, its better not to know.

No joke. This is the advice from 3 medical professionals.
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Please keep your posts within the one thread so we can track your thoughts and progress.

If your doctor is suggesting that this isn't herpes, then it most probably isn't. I would agree a diagnosis is better than otherwise, however, your doctor's advice has a degree of merit.

As as been raised before, it is not possible to have oral HSV2 from your exposure. Only a follow up blood test is now required at 12 weeks, which undoubtedly will be negative.
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Thank you. I will stop posting. I appreciate the feedback that I received on this site.
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