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Hsv-1 IGG borderline checked twice, what is this mean?

Hi guys, i am confusing about my hsv-1 result, it show hsv-1 igg borderline negative, the last time i have sex is at november, and i showing a bumps. The color is look like my skin color, not hurt and not itch. But my balls is itchy and nothing on my balls. I got 3 sex encounter in 2016, first at march 2016, second on june, and third on november

Then i got to dermatologist, he ask me to test herpes, thats the first time i check my blood (3 month after encounter) and the result is
hsv-2 igg = negative
hsv-2 igm = negative
Hsv-1 igg = borderline, negative
Hsv-1 igm = negative

Then my dermatologist said it was molluscum contagiosum and have me electrocoutered the bumps, i think it have 3 or 4 spot that het electro coutered, then in next month he ask me too came back again to see if there is some left to be electrocoutered

Then i came back after 1 month, and he electrocoutered me again in some spot. He give me pirotop for the wound, applied 2 times a day, and he give me some medicine for my itchy ball which is cream combination from him self.

I havent got circumcision and my penis never got out from the foreskin

Then i decided because of the wound, i do not wash my penis, till the wound dry, but i think at a week or more, i got new 2 bumps, its red and got bigger each day on the new area, one in the middle of penis foreskin and one at the end of my foreskin penis. And my itchy balls still itchy after applied the cream mu dermatologist give me, my balls got very red and kind for sensitive hurt when touched

Then i go to another doctor, he said it was scabies bite, then he gave me medscab pemethrine 5% apply twice a day on all area, balls and penis and i think i got alergy with that cream too all my penis and balls being red and sensitive but the two bumps getting white head on the top and started to sink, and when i take a bath, the white head just loose with the water i take a bath

Then i come back to the doctor, he give me apolar-N cream, applied twice a day, and my redness is gone, my itchy is gone too, and the red bumps slowly gone while i use apolar-N cream. This is 5 month after my last sex encounter, this is when i ask for another hav test, and i got tested again

Hsv-1 igg = borderline negative
Hsv-1 igm = negative
Hsv-2 igg = negative
Hsv-2 igm = negative

I am so confuse, and i tell my doctor about the result, he said i am clear, i dont have herpes. And i said but its borderline on hsv-1 igg, and he said who knows, Here is about six month after my last sex encounter and i ask for anti-hiv test, and the result is negative

Then on my right suddenly appear one red bump right in one of house of my hair, i think maybe when i cleaning my genita area using tissue i might pull that hair accidentally i notice it because when i accodentally pulled it hurt and its that hair then i go back to the doctor and he said, its herpes

And he give me acyclovir taken three time a day, after 4 days the bump not disappear but it getting bigger and have white head like pimple, and i go back to the doctor, and he said oh its not herpes its hair infection, and he give me neomycin cream and anti fungal cream using it together

After few days the bump started to getting smaller and in two weeks it gone completely, yet my balls still itchy especially when i take of my pants and take a shower.

Did i really got herpes or not? I am so confuse
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Hsv1 testing isn't the best. In fact it can miss up to 25% of infections. What you describe however does not sound like hsv
So if i take another anti-hsv 1 igg, it can be another result? My lab testing method using elisa. I was going crazy with this borderline result in this couple past month, regreting why i am so stupid doing that
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Yes you technically could get another result. Boarderline isn't positive so i wouldn't be overy concerned.
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