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Hsv-1 and Crohns Disease (immunosuppressed)

Hello! So, about 10 years ago I was dx with genital hsv-1 via swab and this was confirmed later with a blood test. My initial outbreak was horrible and classic. I have never had a true cold sore on my mouth, ever. However I do get frequent irritation on my lips, and sores inside my mouth. However I also have Crohn's disease and I know that canker sores are a common occurrence in people with autoimmune disorders. I have been on remicade and azathyprine for crohns for the last 3 years. I am wondering if, even though I have had antibodies for years, am I at risk of autoinnoculation due to my immune suppression? I have some anxiety and worry that cracks on my hands or fingers are herpes. Am I more dangerous to others? Does my immune suppression from my crohns medication make me more suseptible to other stds, specifically hsv 2?  Does valcyclovir reduce shedding and transmission and outbreaks for hsv1? What is the likelihood that I could just have genital hsv 1 and not oral? I have anxiety and somewhat sensitive skin so I want to be mature and responsible about this but I also don't want to feel like I have herpes everywhere and am more of a risk to others than I actually am. Thank you for your help.
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You are not a risk to others. Hsv1 genital infections shed very little and are very rarely transmitted tbrough intercourse.
I agree with your assessment of canker sores being the likely culprit.
I wouldn't worry about spreading your hsv to other parts of your body.
Antivirals when used as daily therapy does reduce shedding but like i said hsv1 genital infections shed very little. I know this sounds strange but you have the better hsv and have it in the better area. You will likely never spread it to anyone.
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