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Hsv 1 positive

Dear team

I m 30 years old for the last 4 months i have been tested positive for Igg Ab for hsv  is 2.1 which the parameter is showing higher. Do i need to know with this can i have hiv or not. To reduce hsv is there any medication is available in the market. If not how to reduce this igg low.

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This means that you have oral herpes type 1, most likely. You can get genital hsv1, but if you don't have any genital symptoms, this is an oral infection.

Billions of people globally have hsv1 orally. This is the virus that causes cold sores, though 90% of those who have it never get any symptoms.

There is no way to reduce the IgG level - once you have herpes, you always have it. You could have had it for a really long time.

Herpes is only a concern for HIV if you have it genitally. Having one STD increases your risk of having another, but far more people have genital herpes (which you don't) than HIV. HIV is also easily prevented by using latex condoms every time you have sex if you are not in a completely monogamous relationship with someone who doesn't have HIV.
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How does herpes is spread. While doing handjob or doing sex with condom herpes can be spread or not..
Oral herpes is transmitted by kissing. It can also be transmitted to the genitals via oral sex. Then it is genital herpes type 1.

Genital herpes type 2 is transmitted by unclothed genital to genital contact or genital to anal contact. It takes some friction, usually the kind associated with intercourse. Condoms offer significant protection, but not full.

Handjobs do not transmit STDs.
Thank you for your response

I m feeling shortness of breath and feeling like something in the throat fatigue mouth ulcer.

Can u please tell me is this the symptoms of hiv or not..

Please help me
No, it is not. HIV isn't transmitted by handjobs, either, and since you used a condom, you're protected.

Shortness of breath could be anxiety, or covid, or many, many other things, but always warrants a visit with your doctor. Get that checked out soon.
Dear Madam

Last 3 months i have test hiv in antibody and antigen test. Which test is good for doing hiv antigen or pcr to get exact results to know I have hiv or not.
If you had an antibody test at 90 days, that's conclusive. You don't need another test. If it was a 4th gen duo antibody/antigen test, that is accurate at 28 days.

Mouth ulcer is not getting cured does it mean hsv 1 or hiv or any other disease. And headache and stomach pain and diarrhoea. Which is like waterry type...
There are lots of things that cause mouth sores. You need to see a doctor to find out what is causing this. Herpes wouldn't cause diarrhea or stomach pain. Please see your doctor to find out what is going on.

Dear Team

Can please tell me hiv and aids are same..

I have tested for hiv it comes negative. Do i need to test for aids also...
HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.  They are not separate.  However, this is not relevant to your situation since you were never at risk for HIV, or any STD.  
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