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Hsv oral transmission?

I have hsv 1 & hsv 2, I thought I had them both genitally. I’ve only ever had one outbreak on my genitals. I thought I didn’t have anything orally because I’ve never once had a cold sore on my mouth. I share drinks with my friends and none of them ever got anything. My doctor just told me even if I’ve never had a cold sore there’s still a chance I could spread it orally and I’m freaking out because I just kissed and gave oral to someone. I’m really worried now, what are the chances he contracted something? Last time I had a genital outbreak was 6 months ago.
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If you've never had an outbreak orally, it is impossible to know where your HSV1 is, though statistically, it is likely to be oral.

It's possible that you transmitted it to your partner, but not that likely without a sore. Are you on suppressive therapy for hsv2? That will help reduce the transmission rate for hsv2, and in theory (it's not been studied) reduce the transmission rate for hsv1.

A note about sharing drinks (or lipsticks, lip balm, toothbrushes, etc.) - don't do this. This is how colds, flus, strep throat, and the like are spread. Yes, you can transmit hsv1 this way, but a large portion of the population already has it.
Hi! So I haven’t taken valtrex in about 3 weeks because I haven’t had any outbreaks or symptoms in so long. But before I gave oral, I took in an hour before, but I don’t know if that helped much. I never get any symptoms or outbreaks, sometimes I forget I even have this virus in my body.
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What kind of testing did you have done, by the way? Was it a type specific IgG blood test? Did your results list type 1 - positive or with a numeric value, and type 2 the same way, or was it listed as something like "hsv1&2" positive? If it's the latter, I'm wondering if you actually have both types, or if it wasn't type specific, and you just have one type. Was it a culture or blood test? You should ask for a copy of the results to find out. It's really important. If you only have type 1 genitally, you may opt for no treatment, or if you have only type 2, you may opt to use suppression, or use condoms regularly, but you'd know you aren't infectious from your mouth.

Taking valtrex an hour before doesn't do anything. To suppress it enough to protect a partner, you have to take it for 5 days prior to an encounter.
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