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Hsv1 from oral sex

So long story. My partner and I have been together for 12 years. We both get cold sores on our mouths occasionally. Of course I had no clue you could catch Genital Herpes via oral sex from someone with a cold sore..dumb on my part. To make a long story short my husband performed oral sex on me with a healing cold sore that was scabbed over. It has been approximately 34 days since the encounter and I have not experienced any lesions/sores in my Genital area. I have experienced burning and shooting pains in my vagina but I recently had an IUD placed. My questions are 1. Can you contact hsv1 genitally if you already have the virus and 2. Are my symptoms prodromal, anxiety or the IUD. Please help!! I have constantly worried that I have contracted hsv1 genitally.
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Don't worry about your symptoms. They aren't hsv.
It is possible to contract hsv1 genitally even though you have it orally. That said it's very, very rare. When I say it's possible it's in the same catogory as getting hit by lightning. When a cold sore is scabbed over the virus has in most cases already retreated.
All in all you have nothing to worry about.
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