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Hsv1 igg results

Had a recent exposure about 5 weeks back and igg results for hsv1 is 0.8 (highest number along the negative range).
Will this be accurate? Does this actually mean that I could have been infected recently?
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Thanks a million for the response.

Not little dots on my glans but more like small little red spots that’s around the entire head. Similar to what I would describe as balanitis but has been somewhat permanent since that day.

Have had a urine test 2.5 weeks from the encounter and all STDs were cleared. No white blood cells detected too. Partner had ureaplasma infection but I was tested negative. Her hsv1 test was positive >3.5 hence my concern. On week 5 I had the blood test which tested negative for everything else except that the hsv1 value was 0.8. The -ve range is <0.2-0.8, equivocal 0.9-1.0, +ve greater or equal to 1.1.

To add on, within these couple of weeks, I made out with her a couple of times and received oral another time (no new symptoms after this time).

Ultimately it boils down to whether any of these seem to suggest a hsv1 infection or the likelihood of it. Also, does the igg index mean anything? For example, 0 vs 0.8 (both negative but does 0.8 actually mean detection of antibodies?).

Regarding the increase in precum fluid and urine post dribble, what kind of infection could it be a result of? This is very noticeable compared to before the encounter and till date is not showing any signs of improvement.

Thanks in advance for your response!!
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No, .8 doesn't mean anything. A herpes test will never be 0.00. Think of it as background noise of the test, and so long as you are below .9, you're good. You could test today, and be .8, tomorrow might be .72, and the following day be .63. All are negative, and that's all that matters.

If you think you may have balanitis, then you should see your doctor. Keep the area clean and dry. It doesn't sound anything like herpes.

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So first, no STD symptoms would appear that quickly. It takes at least 2 days, usually longer, for symptoms to appear.

Little dots on your glans - google pearly penile papules and fordyce spots. See if either of those fit. Those are totally normal, and were likely there before but you didn't notice until you got anxious about this.

The irritation around the frenulum could have been anything. Without blisters, it's not herpes.

Herpes also wouldn't cause a sore throat or grayish tonsils without an oral outbreak. No STD causes an increase in precum fluid or post dribble of urination.

However, that's not to say that something isn't going on. Has the doctor done any urine testing to look for white blood cells? Since you had unprotected sex, have they done other STD testing, like gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU?

I understand that you are focusing on hsv1 because you were told she has it, but what about other things? Was she tested for those?

I think your chances are pretty good of not being infected with herpes. It's not likely that your test will change from 5 to 6 weeks. If you want to be totally sure, test at 4 months.  

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Had both unprotected oral and vaginal intercourse with a new partner who was tested positive for hsv1. A day after the encounter, little red dots appeared on my penis glans. They do not itch and are not elevated. They have since subsided but are obvious when erect (appears to be permanent now). I was given antifungal cream initially by the doctor but does not seem to help.

2 weeks after the encounter, I experienced an itch under my penis around the frenulum area and they were really red and irritated. Irritation was gone quickly after 2 days but till today it still appears slightly red (not as much as before).

Throughout these past few weeks, I have a constant on and off butt ache. The ache feels weird and is not the usual kind of muscle ache. At times also felt ache behind my hamstring.

On the 5th week, I experienced a really bad sore throat and tonsils were inflamed and greyish. I also had difficulty swallowing. This went on for almost two weeks. None of the medication provided by the GP helped.

To add on, ever since the encounter, I have been getting way much more precum discharge when I’m aroused which doesn’t usually happen. Also after urination, there’s more than the usual one or two drops of dripping (increase in “post-dribble”).

Not sure if this could be a potential hsv1 infection or an infection of any other. Today has been about 8 weeks since the encounter. The hsv igg test was done on the 5th week. I know it would be more accurate if I wait a couple of weeks longer but based on the first test value of hsv1 igg 0.8, what are the chances of being infected?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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No, it doesn't mean anything except that you're negative. I have hsv2, and could test today, and get a 5.8, tomorrow get a 9.7, and the following day get a 7.2. It doesn't mean that my herpes is any less of an infection one day, or more the other day.

0.8 isn't actually the highest number - it could go to 0.89.

What was your exposure?
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