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Hsv1 on tongue

Hoping someone out there knows what herpes on the tongue looks like. I believe this is my 2nd oral outbreak. First one had no sores and I felt like I had mono. It was not confirmed w a swab. Just suspect it was the primary outbreak as I remember had sore lip numb nose. Anyway my 2nd oral outbreak I believe started w a sensitive feeling inside my mouth in my inside left cheek and sensation travelled to front of my mouth. Then I had all bumps on my tongue raised same colour as tongue some size of a tac some tiny raised taste buds. Also had craters at side of tongue and tip.
3 dr said not herpes one dr said maybe. Got it swabbed 4 days after presentation of symptoms

1.  What does herpes look like on the tongue vs another viral outbreak or just stomatis?
2.   Isn't it extremely rare to have 2 outbreaks inside the mouth for herpes and none on the Kip's outer edge?
3.  I am on valtrex and symptoms are slightly subsiding them seemed to flare up again. Shouldn't valtrex take it away if herpes after 8 days of Meds? And prevent a worsening of the outbreak?

I am wondering why I am always getting these rare outbreaks. It is driving me crazy and symptoms have been almost non stop since dec 16. Pain in lips nose tingling and burning in eyes.  Dr said at stress bc I am stressed I hae genital herpes as well. Can all this be bc of stress?  I find it unlikely  
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Hi, first time outbreaks can occur on the tongue but recurrent tend not to.
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I'm not aware of HSV causing sores inside the mouth but it's possible. Are you sure these aren't canker sores?

Canker sores can form on the side of tongue, inside cheeks and even on the gums. They present as small white or yellow ulcer on a red base. Very painful.

I have one on the side of my tongue right now, but I'm prone to canker sores. I can't see how mine could be herpes. I mean I'm interested in hearing what others describe as herpes in the mouth. Are they blisters?
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I am not sure of anything really and all these drs are saying not herpes one saying maybe. The one at side of my tongue could be cankers. Drs think stress. Ya stress I have hsv1 ugh  I feel that I have all the atypical symptoms genitally orally and it's driving me. Can I have herpes atypically everywhere?  

Also would blood tests for hsv1 likely be positive 10 weeks after suspected exposure I am oral outbreak? My suspected first oral outbreak was dec 16. Blood test after 10 weeks for herpes simplex negative.

I have kissed my bf and performed oral sex both during my suspected initial outbreak plus during some prodormal periods of which I had no idea what they were at the time still don't know if it's from herpes . If it is hsv1 he definitely would have been exposed in his mouth and on genitals. Is it likely to assume he has hsv1 already?  I don't feel like I can ask him to get blood tested. It's complicated.
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Sorry....also how long ethically do I have to wait b4 I can have sex. All swabs and blood negative. I have been to so many drs all say not herpes mouth and genitals but I still have symptoms. I am so wanting to have sex.  And my partner knows I was tested in a sore swab negative. He has no idea I have been OCD and geting other sores seabed and blood test but even if he did everything is negative anyway so he would be more assured. He does know I am investigating possibility of other causes. So what is my obligation ethically to disclose that I am paranoid I still hae it even though all scientific data says no?  How long do I wait so I am retain? Months?  He has already been exposed and I likely got it from him anyway or from a friend I got a peck on the lips from but that would mean cold sore would appear 24 hrs after exposure. That doesn't make sense. I want to have sex w this man but I don't know how to tell him herpes testing is complicated without freakig him out or him thinking I am OCD. Don't most people get tested, it's negative and they move on?  No obligation.....
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