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Hsv2 equivocal twice

had a sexual encounter on Aug 28th with protection. I got tested on Oct 26 which is 8 weeks after encounter the results came back HSV1 IGG 17.80 positive which I had since I was a kid and HSV2 IGG 0.98 equivocal.
I tested again 19 weeks after encounter which was January 11th and my results was HSV1 IGG 15.00 and HSV2 IGG 1.04 equivocal. So i got two equivocal can someone please explains why is that ? Do I have it ?
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No, it doesn't mean you have it.

I don't know what your exposures have been, but some people have higher levels on the hsv2 because the test reacts to normal blood proteins in the body.

You can either let this go - I would - or you can get a Western Blot test to put it to rest. Your doctor can order that for you, or you can go through Terri Warren at Westover Heights Clinic. You'd have to self pay and it's expensive.


If your only worry is protected sex, I wouldn't pay all the money for it, especially if you've had no genital symptoms. It's up to you, though.
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Thank you. Is there a possibility my hsv1 being positive caused Hsv2 equivocal ? And how long does antibodies usually take to develop ?
Antibodies develop within 12 weeks.

Yes, being hsv1 positive could have caused that, or the normal blood proteins could have - either way, the end result is the same.
So technically at 19 weeks I should be positive already if I did have it … correct ?
Yes, absolutely.
So If Test again in another 4-6 weeks and get another equivocal that would be a clear negative ?
I think you're already a clear negative. If you were positive, your test would be positive, not equivocal.

Even tests under 3.5 have a 50/50 chance of being a false positive. The lower the number is, the higher the chance it is of being a false positive. A 1.2 has an 85-90% chance of being a false positive.

You have a 1.04. That's a clear negative.
Also, just to add - most equivocals end up negative. This far out, if you had it, your number would be much higher.
What if I just found out the partner from 19 weeks ago was HSV2 positive ? Will my results still be a negative ?
We only had one protection encounter
Yes, exposure doesn't mean transmission is guaranteed.

If you were in a long term relationship with a woman that had hsv2, and all you did was avoid sex during outbreaks, you'd have a 4% chance of getting it PER YEAR.

If you use condoms, that would be 2%.

You can always get the Western Blot if you need it to put your mind at ease.
Would my doctor be able to get it for me even if I’m in nyc ?
I was only seeing that some antibodies develop after 16 weeks is that true ?
My only questions by the count going up from 0.98 to 1.04 equivocal after 19weeks mean anything ? Isn’t the count suppose to decrease ?
I understand that you are anxious, but you have to stop posting everywhere. We answer these questions on a volunteer basis and on our own time.

I don't think they will do the WB in NYC, but might if you go to NJ. Talk to your doctor or Terri Warren about it.

Your number would have jumped a lot more than that if you were positive. You are still equivocal, not positive. No one gets a true zero.

I've had hsv2 for almost 20 years. I could test today and get a 14.8, and tomorrow get a 11.7 and the next day get an 18.9. It doesn't mean much.

The only thing that matters is if you are over 1.10 or 3.5.
I apologize I am just nervous because I never dealt with this before. If you don’t mind me asking did it take a while for you to become positive or it happen quickly ? I still haven’t had a OB yet. I think I’m going to get the westernblot done in Connecticut.
I got symptoms on day 2, had a positive culture that day, and a positive blood test at 2.5 weeks. I didn't get an index value, and didn't need it - my partner had both hsv1 and hsv2, and I was blood testing to see which type I had because the culture wasn't typed.

I had a negative blood test the day I went in with symptoms.

Typing and blood tests, etc., was in its infancy at the time.

Just keep remembering that you are equivocal, not positive. Let me know how the WB goes. I'd be very surprised if it's positive.
Thank you so much. I appreciate it. This gets so overwhelming but I will make better and smarter decisions once this is all over. I found a girl I really like a lot and it would break me if something like this was to happen because the encounter I had as before her.
So I just want to give an update on my experience. After everything I been through these last couple months with two equivocals in 4 months and have intercourse with someone who was hsv2 positive. I decided to get a westernblot and went all the way to PA to get everything done. I been through ups and downs. I received my results today I am hsv1 positive and Hsv2 negative. I just want to give someone hope not saying Hsv2 is the end of the world but just want to let someone who is in my situation to have some hope.
I'm really happy to hear that. Thanks for the update - we don't get a lot of those, and it helps other people.

You might always test "high" on the IgG, but now that you know that, you can just look for big jumps in the index value to indicate if you are positive. If you hover around the same level, it would mean you are negative. Look for an increase of at least a full point, if not more, to indicate a true change in status.

Take good care. :)
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