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Hsv2 escort please help

I visited an escort and I was a little tipsy and she told me before we started that she had hsv2 orally or hsv2 in general, I can't remember, so I opted out of having sex and settled for a handjob but before I knew it she spit on my dick and started jerking me off and she used excessive saliva, during this session she also spit in my mouth(this was stupid of me to let this happen). will I get hsv2 from this encounter? there was absolutely no direct contact with her, only with her saliva. Thank you for the help.
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Herpes only transmits from direct skin to skin contact from the site of infection. So even if she had oral hsv2 - statistically, it's far, far more likely that it was genital - this wouldn't transmit anything.

If she has genital hsv2, you'd have to have direct, unclothed skin to skin contact with her genitals, and a lot of friction, usually the kind associated with intercourse.

If she has oral hsv2, she'd had to give you oral sex. Also, oral hsv2 rarely sheds the virus, rarely recurs, and very rarely transmits.

I wouldn't worry about this at all, and would be grateful that she was honest with you so you could make an informed decision. :)
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last question and thank you for answering my first question,

like I said I was a bit tipsy, so if she had oral hsv2 or hsv2 in general, what are the chances of my getting it if she French kissed me ( excessive saliva with the kiss). thank you
If she had oral hsv2, there is a very slight chance you could get that. As I said before, it very rarely transmits, so it would be highly unlikely that you'd get it.

If she had genital hsv2, there is no risk. She would only be infectious from her genitals, and you had no contact with her genitals.
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