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Hsv2 from oral ??

I contracted hsv2 from oral sex being performed on me, all I’m asking is how ??? I’m so confused the person told me they didn’t have that even showed me test result papers, in the act I didn’t see anything either how is this possible ?? I’ve read everywhere and ppl say that’s very rare to happen and when and if it does it rarely sheds so how did I get to this point my body is messed up ???
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And how I know I didn’t have it is because I had a bad primary breakout, it was horrible, I had heretic whitlow with nasty puss coming out of my pointer finger my genitals were on fire, the person showed me results I don’t know if they were fake or real, it all adds up to that person it happened within 4-5 after doing what I did no intercourse happened at all only oral, and it was quick I was rarely even erect when I received it and it was quick i don’t know anymore, I’ve just been so stressed anybody can help ??? I need advice as a man I feel I’ll never have a chance to be married now never have a chance to make kids because nobody will want me, and I’m too handsome for this idk what to do my numeric value was around 8. Something igg it was high so advice ?
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You don't get hsv2 from oral, you get genital hsv1. It doesn't change types because of location.

Did you get a type specific IgG test done, or was it a combo/non-specific test?

Also, you will still be able to get married, and have kids, and there are all kinds of beautiful people who have herpes. (You need to let go of that thinking that only inferior people have STDs - it's total crap.) There are millions and millions of people with hsv - do you think they all remain abstinent and kid free forever?

Most of the time, people with herpes still date, have sex, etc. It requires some discussion beforehand, and you can work on what you'll say when you figure out what type you have. You may want to take daily meds to help reduce transmission if you do have type 2, but again, we can figure that out later.

If you have type 1, that's far less likely to transmit from the genitals - but not impossible, so you need to tell your partners. If they have hsv1 already, and about half of the world does, you can't reinfect them. You'd just have to avoid sex during outbreaks.

So take a breath, find out about your test and you'll be fine.
Woah...oral HSV2 is real and can be transmitted to genitals during oral sex. It’s very rare because oral HSV2 rarely sheds but it can and does happen.
What if the number is high on your test like 7. Something what does that mean ?? That mean I had it longer than 5 days etc because the oral I had was 5 days before I had initial horrible symptoms
If the index value on your results was that high, you weren't infected 5 days prior during your oral sex event. What was the hsv type, 1 or 2?
I should add, you've been infected for longer than five days and are only now just having symptoms.
Sorry, I misread your initial post and see that it is a type 2 infection. While it is possible to get hsv2 from oral, it is very unlikely that you got hsv2 from your oral encounter because your index level is so high, it suggests that you were infected for a lot longer that just 5 days.
About how long do you think I could have been infected by that number 7.5 igg or 7.8 igg ??  My situation is complicated too ...
I have no idea. The index level can fluctuate around, but I know it would be highly unlikely to be that high after just 5 days. You could've been infected months or years ago. It's anyone's guess.
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It sounds like you did not catch hsv2 from this encounter but instead some time in the past. No one can tell you when it happened, but if your igg test was 4-5 days after your encounter and at an 7 or 8 then for sure it was not from this encounter and the events are just a coincidence.
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