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Hsv2 transfer

I have been diagnosed with HSV 1 and HSV 2 orally
So worried my grandson of young school age was being silly today and put his tongue in the edge of my mouth
I made him rinse his mouth straight away
Cannot sleep with thinking he has got has been contaminated what do I do ???? Help - can't SLEEP

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Hi, how were you diagnosed with both hsv1 and 2 oral as is not common at all?
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I went to the docs for the works and had bloods done and Pap smear
Had no symptoms at all
2 -3 weeks later I had symptoms  after I was told that test show I've been exposed
My mouth was tingling and tongue was inflamed and lips all dry and cranky like a bad cold and down stairs was tingling
I was devistated
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From all I've read the worst time to be contaminated is when the carrier is present with symptoms
Which I have when this devastating accident happen
I didn't alarm him
I just said that's yuk go rinse your mouth
He agreed and did
I have to tell his mother what happened today
Feel sick physically from this
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The server was down !!
Couldn't get online earlier
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If you happen to have HSV1 and HSV2 then almost certainly the HSV1 will be oral and the HSV2 will be genital.

However I am wouldn't be convinced that you actually have HSV2 until you have seen the full results and interpret them correctly. Please get this paperwork.

Just like 70% of the population, you may very well have HSV1. Your grandson has the same chance of getting it, whether from his parents, uncles and aunts, any of the grandparents or the catch and kiss girl at school! All that is required is that you keep any cold sore away from other people should one emerge.
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I have my paperwork
I have had to be onto it for my partner
I was went outside the marridge
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