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I am concerned about a possible herpes infection.

I was with a man ~3 months ago.  I was penetrated using a condom(5 mins) and also we exchanged oral (unprotected for ~2 mins each.)  No visible sores.  I'm hoping for some confirmation that either i'm overreacting or that i really should be worried.

I've had various symptoms that match some herpes symptoms I've read online.  I am hoping that I am just being oversensitive.  I've also had some testing and am waiting for results on a blood test I took today (should get it Monday at latest, hoping for Saturday.)

The guy i was with said he was 'clean'.  I also asked him to take a herpes test after and he just got back results 2 weeks ago and he said its Negative.  I don't know him well, hoping he's truthful.

1 - Night sweats for approx 3-4 days, starting 2 days after potential exposure.  I had some other things going on that may be related (alcohol).
2 - Various intermittent body itching, boxer region.  Probably started a week or 2 after, probably after I started reading symptoms.  most of this seems to be near stretch marks on hamstring area.
3 - Various pimple-like sores on/around buttocks.  Most of them have just been itchy little spots.  On and off I'll notice an itch here and it's a little bump.  Some are like pimples with white-heads.  Most on buttocks area, a few on hips.  One was close to anus (popped that one when I noticed it and it went away next day, maybe thong rub related?.)  None of these are clusters or look like 'classic' lesions.  None have lasted more than a day or so.  I've read that sores can be all kinds of different presentations.  I've probably had `2-3 weeks the last 3 months without noticing this stuff.

1 - 10 days after, tested HIV, HSV(blood), urine (chlamydia, gono,) and syph
2 - 1 month after, re-tested HIV (early test), and hep
3 - 1.5 months after, noticed a 'pimple' on butt, had it swabbed (2 day turnaround, must be PCR?) and also another syph test.
4 - 10 weeks after - herpeselect blood test
5 - today - approx 13.5 weeks after, waiting on another herpes blood test.

Every test has been negative, including HSV1 and 2.

Should I be concerned? Or sleep easy? Or is it too early to tell?  I'm pulling my hair out!

Please, I am looking for feedback - Thank you very much.
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Thank you - fyi just got my latest test back - negative
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As far as herpes is concerned I feel sure the current test will confirm a negative. Most herpes symptoms do not occur without lesions present, these 'downstream' symptoms will not appear on their own typically and you cannot use then to align with herpes.
Sleep easy on the herpes front!
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A little more info...

It was a one night stand.  Not multiple times.  

Also i just finished my period and think i may have a UTI. Some pain urinating and bladder discomfort/twitch. Called my DR and prescribed keflex over phone 2 days ago.  Took some AZO and am feeling better (not 100%).
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