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I am scared if i have genital herpes please help me

I am 25 year old male
I went for body massage in massage center , were i recieved body to body massage
After few days
One white blister appeared on my penis painless though
But within 1 week 2 more came red coulored
And then the pain started
They increased in number.
I went to doctor he says 99% i have herpes
I am scared
I am not married
Never had sex
Now i am on medication
All blisters are gone
And there are few red dots
Surrounded by white paste(very less) on my penis
I have extreme pain in upper part of penis
And it burns in the tip of penis
And a little pain while i urinate
Do i have genital herpes please help
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Did your Dr do any testing? It would be very unusual to contract herpes like you describe.
Tomorrow he called me for blood testing

By the way in body to body
My genital was touched by her veginal discharge
I agree with feelingundone. Even if vaginal fluid touched your penis, this would be quite unusual, but not impossible to acquire herpes this way. It is very unfortunate your doctor did not swab and pcr test those blisters. If I were in your shoes, I would immediately take an IgG blood test as a baseline and retest 6 weeks after that to see if the index reading goes up.
Thanks for replying
But the thing is my penis now have little red cuts
And i have extreme pain in my penis
And it feels like numb
What should i do
I am scared
Get the cuts swabbed and tested.
I met doctor and he wrote blodd test
Hsv igg
Hsv igm
I have given blood.
And result will after 3 days
I dont want herpes
I am so scared
I am from india
Not married
I want to marry and have kids
I am damm scared
To early for a bloodtest. You can use it as a baseline but if negstive it is NOT conclusive. Hsv bloodtests look for antibodies your body produces ro combat the virus. Not the virus itself. Igm tests are useless and should not be given. False positives are very common with igm tests
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Hsv igg .16
Hav igm .26
Both came negative
What it shows
Again, to early to mean anything from this exposure. It does mean that most likely you didn't have hav before your massage parlor trip.
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Then what should i do
To know if i am infected or not ?
As all cuts are healed
Please help bro i need your help
Which hsv strain (1 or 2) did your doctor test you for?
Ideally, you want to take an IgG type-specific blood test that tests you for hsv1 and hsv2. Do not take anymore IgM tests. They are inherently unreliable and of no use here.

If you have blisters show up again, immediately get them swabbed and pcr tested ASAP!!!

If your doctor gave you an IgG test for hsv2, then retest for it hsv2 in about 6 weeks to see if those index value show a significant increase.

If you were infected with hsv2, you probably tested too early since your body would not have produced antibodies to the infection. But it's good to get a baseline and retest to see if those values increase.

I am still skeptical that you were infected with hsv2 given the nature of your sexual encounter. It is not impossible to acquire herpes this way, but with out actually intercourse (vs outercourse) the odds would be very low.
It does not mention any specific 1 or 2
You need to find out which strain your doctor tested for? Please get this information.

Also, are you circumcised?
You also said the first blister was white. Was it white because it was pus filled? And were the blisters that followed the initial white blister, clear fluid filled or pus filled?
Sir my report says

HERPES IGG 1   .26

I dont know sir if it was fus filled or not but it was white and didnt hurt

But the following one were in red coloured
I am totally confused
Pain is still there
Like i am not normal
Not like before
I am scared
Please help me
Okay, you need to stay chill. Your doctor did you no favors as it appears he/she tested your blood for antibodies to an hsv1 infection. Hsv1 normally causes oral herpes but can be transmitted to the genitals through oral sex. For various reasons too long to go into, an hsv1 infection in your case would be even more unlikely than an hsv2 infection.  

What you need to do is get an IgG antibody blood test specially for hsv2, not hsv1. Do not get an IgM test. It is worthless.

How long has it been since your body massage? If it's been 4 weeks, around half of those infected with hsv2 will produce detectable antibodies. Thus, a negative result, while not conclusive, would be reassuring.
Massage trip was on 7th of jan 2018
I also want to inform you that i am on acivir 400mg tab for 5 days now

I hope it wont effect my blood test

I am not a doctor, but if I were in your shoes, I would not be taking the acivir unless I knew for sure that I had herpes. Even if I was infected with herpes, I would not take the acivir because I would want to get an idea of the frequency of my recurrent outbreaks. I would take the acivir if I was in a sexual relationship with someone after I informed them I had herpes and to reduce the risk of transmission to them. But, you are not in that situation right now. We are still trying to determine if you even have herpes, which I am still skeptical of until we have further proof.
Should i go for blood test or not?
Doc said to stop taking pills after 7 days
i would get an IgG antibody test for hsv2, not hsv1. With the idea that if it comes back negative, you will retest in another 6-8 weeks, unless symptoms return. Then you will get the blisters swabbed and pcr tested.
Thanks man i appreciate your help
I do not want to get your hopes up, but the symptoms and nature of the exposure you have described above leaves me skeptical you have herpes. The lesions you describe do not sound like herpes.

In general, a primary herpes outbreak gets worse for at least 5-7 days, before it starts to get better. Additionally, total time from onset to complete healing is probably at least 14 days. So, the timeline of your symptoms also seems a little off.

Herpes diagnosis via visual inspection is inherently much less reliable than a blood test. When a reliable blood test conflicts with visual diagnosis, generally the blood test is correct.

Therefore, get the IgG HSV2 Antibody blood test performed. Make sure it is an IgG antibody test and make sure it is for HSV2. Let's see what those results say and then we will go from there.
I will get tested tommorow for hsv 2 igg
Thanks man for your help
Both of you were veru helpful..
But brother if it is not herpes (i hope)
Then what it could be because it was
1 blister white
Then Red rash
Then 2 more red coloured blister
Then pain started
Then red painful small dots
Then cuts
Then fever
Pain while urinating
Then it started healing
Then white smegma
Dots started disappearing
Cuts started healing
Now no physical sign of anything
But there is a tingling in my
Penis and in testicals (more in testicals)
From last 3-4 days i am having hard on at nights

Here's what I think. This is just my opinion. I suspect that your rash/blister situation could've been a bacterial infection and may have just coincided with your encounter. I think you have gotten yourself so worked up over this that your genitally focused anxiety has brought about symptoms of prostatitis, like that tingling in your penis and scrotum.
Hope so sir
Tomo test
Day after tomo reports will come
Will inform you here
As soon as possible
Last night
I had night fall
And now again there are small red dots on my penis
Like mosquito bites
I feel itchy and tingling
I am really worried
I have given blood for hsv2 igg and igm
Reports will come tomorrow
I called that massage parlour
And talked to that girl
Who gave me body to body massage
She said
She has no diesease as such
I asked
Are you 100% sure?
She said
But may be she is lying
Only igg can tell
I am in hell lot of tention
Because my family is looking a girl to marry me
As i am from india
This hereps thing is a big down for me
Almost enough to leave my house or never marry
My life will be practically over

Sir massage trip was on 24th dec
I confirmed from massage center
Okay, let's see what the IgG test results show. Either way, your life is not over.
Hello sir  
Reports came
i really look forward to your opinion

Herpes 2  igg

Herpes simplex virus
Hsv 2 igm

What do you thing i should do
There are new  red
Rash under mushroom shaped of my penis

Please help
Thank you
You are solidly negative right now. Since your encounter took place on Dec 24th, it's been 5 weeks. Thus, your negative result is very reassuring. Let me get back to you later today. I have to run to some meetings.
I am still skeptical that you got herpes from your Dec 24th encounter. Your doctor should never have said it was herpes and then did not swab and pcr test.

It would be very rare, not impossible, but very rare for you to contract herpes without actually inserting your penis into a woman's vagina, and even then the odds are low you would contract it.

Your symptoms sound more like a bacterial or a yeast infection, not a herpes outbreak.

You can retest in another 4-5 weeks, but I doubt your negative results will change because I do not think you have herpes.

The white paste on your penis and the inflammation and soreness on your penis are probably balanitis due to a bacterial or yeast infection.  
Should i take any medicine or any cream i should apply on genital

Or should i consult doc(if yes which doc , i mean which specialist?)

Plus why i got fever
And those tiny bumps around head (around the opening of penis)
And big ones on the mushroom shaped part
And my penis looked like its dead
If I were you, I would seek out a highly respected dermatologist with a lot of experience. I would not go back to your doctor that told you it was herpes and did not swab the sores.
Thanks a lot sir
You are really helpfull
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You was right
Dermatologist said it is balanoposthitis

I am very thanful to wellknownperson
And medhelp

Thanks a lot for your help
You are doing great job
By helping others
God bless you sir
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