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I had a 2.82 result on my HSV 2 test and 0.93 on HSV 1 is this positive?

This is very stressful
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Why did you do test ,have any risky encounter .Please give data of hsv result with reference value.Thanks
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Yes I had a breakout and I thought it looked like Herpes
Did you have this outbreak examined by a doctor? Where any of the sores swabbed for HSV? Your HSV-2 score is in the equivocal range. How long ago was your last exposure? If it was within 12 weeks, you may want to test again once you’ve had 12 weeks. If you have symptoms, active sores, that is definitely suspect. You really should have those examined by a doctor and not just rely on a blood test
Yes I went to the emergency room when I had a sore and she said it didn’t look like Herpes to her no she didn’t swab it but they tested me for HSV 1 and 2  and I’ve never had and exposure that I know of and my sores do not hurt and what does equivocal range mean ? I appreciate your help I’ve had no help since I got the results should I worry ?
You haven’t had a possible exposure? So you haven’t had sex (including oral sex)?
Most people who get hsv, get it from someone who isn’t showing any symptoms. So not having an exposure “that you know of”, doesn’t mean you weren’t exposed. What I meant by exposure was did you recently have a sexual encounter, especially unprotected?
Sores on or around the genitals are always suspect and I can’t believe this nurse didn’t swab them. I would have them swabbed immediately if they appear again. If it’s been at least 12 weeks since you have had sex (unless you’re a Virgin because your statement above about exposure confuses me), I would definitely test again. IgG test only
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