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I have HSV2 and am unable to void.

Nearly two weeks ago I began to have my first ever herpes outbreak. I began to have plenty of symptoms, but no bumps. I went to a clinic and was diagnosed with PID. The doctor spotted a few bumps but reassured me it was most likely from shaving. The next day the bumps were much worse and there were a lot more of them coming in. I went back to the clinic and was diagnosed with genital herpes. The pain was horrible, but I was still able to urinate normally at this time with only slight discomfort from the sores.
I started on valtrex, and then the next day when I sat down to pee, nothing came out. I had the sensation that I was about to pee, but nothing would happen. I went to emergency and the doctor examined me and told me that yes, I was having a herpes episode but that the sores were now all infected and that had it not been infected the herpes would have most likely passed by now. He started me on teva-clindamycin for the bacterial infection and advised me to stop taking the valtrex incase it was the cause for my inability to void. He had a catheter inserted that same day and I wore it overnight. I came back the next day to have it removed and was still having difficulty voiding. However, I refused to have another catheter put in. I insisted on going home and trying to pee in the shower (which has been getting me by for now). The herpes sores are almost entirely gone but I am still feeling plenty of pain down there to the touch and am still having very little luck urinating in one steady stream, on command and in a toilet like a normal person.

I want to know if my inability to void is due to the herpes, the infection or a combination of the two. Is the inflammation from the infection/herpes causing pressure or obstructing my urethra or causing damage to my nerves in that area? Is this going to go away with time? I am very afraid that this could be more a serious issue and I am only 20 years old, I don't want to live with a catheter...
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It is definitely from the herpes. Don't worry! You won't have to live with a catheter. SAME thing happened to me with my first outbreak. All you need to do is go to a urologist. (mine happened to be in OR and it was a holiday weekend when I was unable to void at all.) I was stuck with a catheter for 4 days until I saw him. All he did was dilate my urethra and no issues since! It is just because of the primary infection causing you to swell up and narrow your urethra. Stay on valtrex as a suppressant. That is what I've been doing. I had my first outbreak 7 months ago. I went through it and got through it and was scared I would have to wear a catheter forever as well and I refused. Make an appointment with a urologist. It will fix the issue.
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Oh yeah, and my sores were all healed as well by the time I still had tons of swelling and urethra inflammation even after the swelling on the outside went down.
Thank you so much that makes me feel so much better!! I made an appointment with my family doctor so I am hoping he can get me in to see a specialist or at least do something about this issue it's such a pain in the *** that every time I need to pee I have to get in the shower lol.
Glad I could help! Yeah it's pretty awful lol I had to keep sitting in the bathtub or using a bottle of water and poured it on myself down there  warm water, to try and void. Try a bottle of warm water running it on yourself while you try to go on the toilet. That helped until I got TOO swollen.
And running a faucet helped too.
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What sexual activity did you have in the week leading into symptoms appearing?
The stress, the pain, the infection, the uncertainty are all combining to cause these issues. They will pass. Seek a little comfort for the pain, keep peeing in the shower or bath. Overall look to relax the area.
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I had normal intercourse about a week before the symptoms appeared. I am mainly stressed about the bladder problems at this point as my sores are almost all healed. Thanks for the advice! :)
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