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I hope someone can relate

So basically I have been on a crazy roller coaster ride of medical difficulties. I used to be the definition of health. I was an avid exercise enthusiast and straight a nutrition student. Now around 4 months later I am completely couch bound due to lack of energy and malaise. I quit my job, dropped out of school and I now have been to the ER three times, seen 6 different physicians, and am currently under the care of the Mayo clinic over 14 hours away form my home because I got so desperate for help.
My only findings are high eosinophils,(a type of white blood cell)
elevated ANA's. (antinuclear antibodies)
Low Cortisol, but not low enough to be an insufficiency.
I have the strangest nerve sensations constantly, tingling, weakness, stomach pain, horrible digestion which leads to bloating and nausea,Weight loss, muscle loss, lack of sex drive, all my sex hormones are decreasing, Trouble concentrating, I always feel light headed, sometimes my brain literally feels like its swelling, and CONSTANT leg pain (muscle pain I believe). Some days the pain in my legs is so severe I can't walk.  
I never thought about it being related to Herpes. Until my Husband broke the news to me this morning that after seeing a strange manifestation on his genitalia,he went to the doctor to find out he has Herpes simplex 2.
Now this is significant to me, because now thinking back over this entire journey of the last few months I have had constant cold sore like bumps all around my mouth. I normally have very clear skin, but I have been so concerned with my other problems I didn't even think to be concerned about my skin. The bumps are very painful, sometimes it even hurts to smile or move my mouth. If these bumps are herpes, could I have a systemic herpes infection?
Could a systemic viral infection be causing all of these ailments. Does anyone else with herpes have leg muscle myalgia?

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How was your hubby diagnosed with having hsv2? Did they do actual testing?

Your mouth symptoms will need looked at by a dermatologist. It would be unusual to have cold sore symptoms all around your mouth and to have them frequently like this. Many other things can cause these sorts of symptoms so a proper work up is in order for them. They need to be cultured within 48 hours of their appearance.

I'll be very honest with you, if you had had a systemic herpes infection that went untreated, you wouldn't be able to type these questions to us today. It's that serious of an issue. No reason to suspect that herpes is the cause of your symptoms at all. Sometimes viral illness does trigger other underlying conditions but at this point, far too late to figure out if this is a recently acquired infection for you, if indeed you do have hsv2 also.

best of luck getting to the bottom of what is making you so ill. Sounds like you are in good hands so hopefully they figure it out soon so you can get back to living life to the fullest!!!

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Thank you very much for your reply. My husband had a blood test done. It showed the elevated antibodies.

And thank you for your honestly. I am being suspected to have an autoimmune disease, but none have been found to be a perfect match.

Do you know if eosinophils have any relation to herpes? I tried to google it and I really can't find anyting.
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If you can get the actual blood test results to post here, I can help make sure your husband doesn't need additional testing to confirm his status. All you need to post are the actual numeric results - ie hsv1 igg 6.8 and hsv2 igg 2.2 or whatever they are. There are false positive issues with the hsv2 igg blood tests so having them looked at is a good idea if you haven't already.  Has he had symptoms?

So many things can cause the increased eosinophils but herpes wouldn't cause them to be constantly elevated.
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I didnt even see your last comment!
its not letting me upload a photo of the results but it says

Herpes simplex 2 igG >5.00 H

then the index HSV 2 IgG >1.10 is positive

He has had symptoms, that is why he went to get tested.
I have never had genitalia symptoms at all, but I do break out frequently around my mouth and have been broken out since I got sick a few months ago.
I had a test done today that confirmed i have gastroparesis, which I see can be caused from a virus.

I have so many issues wrong right now it would be nice to just find a cause so I can get back to my life.
Thank you again for your help!
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Ok so his results are out of the false positive range. He doesn't need any further testing. thank you for posting them!

Really hard when it seems like your body is totally rebelling against you like this :(  No reason to think it's from hsv2 though - it just doesn't cause things like this. Many viruses can as well as I've even read of people having these sorts of reactions to foods/chemicals in food. Sometimes it's a long process of ruling things out until you get better answers. Best of luck!!!

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