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I kissed a girl with an active cold sore!! OMG am I now infected with hsv1?

I'm negative for both hsv1 and 2, last checked in 2013, and have been cautious in the dating scene. I've been dating this girl for two months, and it definitely is not going to be serious, so I wouldn't want to catch hsv1 from her.... In the past week I noticed she had what I thought was a pimple just below her lip (center of her chin). I saw her for 3 days when it was red. I assumed it was a pimple.... Yesterday I noticed that same red spot had scabbed over, and she said that spot appears every 6 months or so... It was clear to me at that point that it's a cold sore. So for 3 days of kissing that red spot, and then 1 quick kiss with that scab yesterday, is it now a guarantee that I am infected??

Also, I got a valtrex prescription, per recommendation from the doctor. I know it wont help prevent an infection, but anything to bring up my chances, I will do. I really do not want to get hsv1, I have other health complications which lower my immune system and would make hsv1 much worse for me.

Thank you for your help!
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Hi, in most cases outbreaks are on the lips and it would be unsual to have oral outbreaks of hsv1 every six month. It would not appear it is a herpes sore but it could be. Test at the 8 week mark as a good indicator if your now infected.
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Ok thanks. And just to clarify, I meant to type every 3 months as opposed to 6, that she has this spot. She described it as an "infection".. So is it possible this isn't a cold sore? I'm just concerned because I saw it bright red at one point, and then it scabbed later on, like a cold sore would... Also, how long would it take for me to develop symptoms if I did catch hsv1?  
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Yes possible it is not a herpes sore esp if its there every 3 months
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