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I may have genital herpes??

Hello! I am a 23 year old female,and I really would like to have an answer to my question. 5 months ago I was diagnose with hpv I had genital warts. A month ago I was diagnose with oral herpes wich I think I had recently contracted from using someone else's lipstick. It's been 5 months since I've had sex because my boyfriend is currently in an other country and he hasn't had sex in 5 months too just like me. We have been in a monogamous relationship for 2 years. He has been experiencing lately symptoms that really look like genital herpes, like fever, pain in his joints, stomach ache, headache,painful urination, itching around his anus and painful defecation. He's actually not seeing no blisters on his genitals but he think they might be around his anus. He'll be going to see the doctor tomorrow but I'm really worried that it might be genital herpes because if it's the case I have it too. Do you think it might really be genital herpes? I've read that when the virus is dormant, a weak immune system can trigger an outbreak, I believe that my immune system was weak 5 months ago when I had hpv genital warts and a month ago when I had oral herpes, if it's really the case why didn't I also have the genital herpes, since a weak immune system can trigger an outbreak? Please help!
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You most likely have had oral HSV1 since your youth. It most certainly did not come from lipstick!
None of your partner's symptoms are related to herpes, there is no reason to suspect he does indeed have genital herpes.
Have either of you ever tested for HSV2?
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Thank you Fleetwood20 for your answer. We didn't test specifically for hsv2 but we actually had a pcr test 5 months ago when both of us had genital warts and herpes was listed among the stds we were tested for and it was negative.
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This doesn't sound quite right. There is no test for HPV for males. What PCR test did you have, a cervix swab?
The test for herpes must have been for IgG antibodies type specific for HSV1 and HSV2. Any other test is dubious.
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My gynecologist took a DNA sample some sort of liquid from my vagina then sent it to the laboratory. The same thing was done by my boyfriend's urologist I remember this day it was really painful for him he shouted really loudly when the doctor introduce the thing on his genitals to get the sample. About the antibodies test I took this test a month ago when I had a blister on my lower lip that resulted in a sore, I have the results on my hands now and it's written like this: herpes antibodies IgM negative, herpes antibodies IgG 2,163. And this test didn't specify wich type I have.
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Very hard to interpret, but it looks like confirmation that you have an oral HSV1 infection.
Only the type specific testing mentioned above will usefully advance your knowledge.
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Thank you very much for your help I may have to do another test, more specific this time, to find out wich type I have exactly.
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