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I need help and guidance - bump in pubic area

So 4 days ago I had sex with my ex, she said she had sex one other time than me so 2 days after on Sunday I noticed I had an bump in my pubic area kinda close to my base of penis but not quite there and I felt it. Please can someone tell me if this is herpes or if it’s just some type of ingrown hair or pimple!!i squeezed on it by accident and yellow like pimple pus came out followed by blood after continuous force. It is now Tuesday and it’s still there but it isnt painful in the slightest bit but it still skin colored. Please help. Thank you!!
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It's probably a pimple or infected hair follicle. It's possible to get herpes symptoms 2 days after exposure, but that's the absolute earliest you could get them. Since you squeezed it and it acted like a pimple, it's probably a pimple.

Herpes sores don't bleed.

If you get another one, don't squeeze it, and let a doctor see it. If you squeeze it, and let all the fluid come out, the doctor will have nothing to culture to make sure it's not herpes (though it really, really doesn't sound like it).

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