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I think I have all the signs.....

A few days ago i felt itchy on my chest so I scratched it and felt a bump and it poped and there was liquid...I didn't think anything of it. The next day I had one on my back...same thing, it poped and there was fluid...the following day I had one on my arm and I as I was sleeping, I kept scratching and i felt more a few more appear....I only have a few, not alot around my body...I now have 3 on my right chest, about 5 on my upper back, 8 on my stomach, 6 on my arms, 3 on my scalp, 3 on my face, 3 on my legs, 3 on my vagina, and 1 on top of my foot.
I went to the doctors but she didn't know what it could be...she said it didn't look like chicken pox because I had single blisters...they were not clusters, they are seperate from each other and I did not have alot on my body. She was unsure what it could be but she said that she thinks its chicken pox and will start to appear in a few days...so she gave me valtrex and told me to take it 3 times a day...today is the 6th day of having the blisters and I have taking the valtrex for 3 days...I am starting to see that the blisters are getting darker and it doesn't itch as much,...and I don't think I am getting any new blisters.
I also have a little sore on my gums...it's tender and at first my gums were white around 3 tooth...so then I used mouth wash and the next day the triangle area of the gums next to one of the tooth was purple looking and it had some white stuff around it...it looked like the skin was peeling
yesterday I went to the dentist and he said its a gum problem...he told me to see a gum doctor and he thinks it some kind of immune thing...I forgot what he said, he said it wasn't serious...I don't know if the gums are related to the blisters because I have had problems around that area before, when I brush that area would usually bleed.
My mouth felt dry for the last couple of days too and I woke up with crusty eyes...I also had some discharge underneath but I usually have alot of discharnge.
I also read that herpes blisters are really painful and all the pictures that I see the blisters come in clusters and mines are all single and I am not in any pain
I will be seeing my doctor again on Monday and I will probably be doing some tests....I am just praying and hoping that its' not herpes...I just wanted to hear from a doctor and see what your opinions are...it would really relieve the stress I am having right now, I am very worried and scared.
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I am not a medical professional and I am only talking from what I have read and the first thing that I thought of as well before you even said that you went to a doctor is that is shingles.

Oral or Genital herpes does not go all over the body. It stays in the Oral area  usually on the lip and Genital herpes stays in what is called the "boxer shorts area" which is anywhere a pair of boxer shorts cover.

I have no idea what the problems you are having with the in the gum area and your eyes.

Shingles/ which comes from chicken pox is a type of herpes but it is not the same as oral herpes or genital herpes. If it is shingles then it most likely will take a while to get over it and from here on in you shourld start to feel better from using the anti virals.

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It could be chicken pox but it doesn't sound like it.

You need to go and see someone else for further evaluation if your provider can't get to the bottom of this on monday.

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