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I thought I was getting over it

Back on OCT 29 I had receptive oral performed on me for 20 sec and kissed her a couple of times then two weeks later had two red spots on penis thought it might be genital HSV. I won't post the long story I already did and got two good answers which help me.

However now on Dec 15  I got one small white head lesion needle size on the INSIDE of my right lower lip near the corner. It was painless until I dabbed some antibiotic on it and it stung. After that no pain and it disappeared within a day and a half. I had been eating a few oranges and my friend said that might have caused it. This is sending me in a panic. I have had no sex since Oct. so I am wondering
1-could herpes show up in another location that many day from the event?
2- does this even sound like herpes?
Thanks for some advise.
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That surely die not sound like hsv at all. The mouth is prone to trauma and many bumps. You need to relax a bit   you will know if you get a cold sore.
Thanks, I trust your posts. This was inside, I guess on the wet side of the lip would that make a difference?
No differance as I truly do not suspect hsv at all
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