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IGG HSV1&2 Tests missed infection?

Had uprotected sex Jan 25 with a girl I was dating (vaginal and oral). Since then I've diagnosed as having chronic Balanitis from Yeast and have gone through numerous cycles of Nystatin and clotromizole. I tried to get the girl to get tested but she shirked it off and we fell out as a result.

I took a full STD panel at 16 weeks and everything has come back negative (HIV, Gonhorrea, chlamydia, syphilis, hsv1&2 ).I took an igg at 12weeks too so I could compare and it was also negative (<.9). My latest doctor, however, believes it's herpes and has swabbed my red skin for culture. This is the first time it's been swabbed as other clinicians said it clearly looked like Balanitis and lacked papules/ulcers for them to be nervous, especially with my blood work. I got a second opinion same day I was visually diagnosed for herpes and they suggested to take fungal infection pills while I wait for the swab results and that I may have grown immune to the creams.

In between these occurrences I've only had 1 or 2 weeks where I didn't have symptoms. The only thing I've heard about IGG is that is misses hsv1 and is fairly accurate with hsv2, but the numerous occurrences don't add up to it being hsv1.

I've also been diagnosed with keratitis of the eye from hsv1 around 4 years ago which further complicates this.

I'm at my wit's end and just want to know what I actually have going on so I can avoid future breakouts as much as possible. Any suggestions or guidance is much appreciated

Red foreskin all around penis, small red dots/blotches on crown of penis. I have had white looking pus in the foreskin fold (smelled foul). Itchy and sore.

The latest flare up happened after a night of drinking whereas the others occured after a masterbation session w/ and w/o lotion.
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If you already have hsv1, it's not likely you'd get it again in a different location.

If you tested negative for hsv2 at 16 weeks, you don't have it, so you can move on from that.

My guess is that this is fungal. The smell is kind of the tipping point for that. It can be hard to get rid of these. I used to work with a clinician who would prescribe antifungal cream, and tell patients to use it 2 weeks past when symptoms cleared to make sure it didn't come back. (I am NOT a doctor and am not giving you medical advice - just trying to illustrate how tricky this can be.)

Keep the area clean and dry. If you use lotion, clean after so the area is dry.

I hope you feel better soon!
Thank you for your response!!

Swab tests came back and verified I'm clear of HSV.

At the moment I'm a week into this Fluconazole and Doxycycline Mono antibacterial treatment but aren't having much luck with symptoms being handled.

It's constantly moist down there (I'm assuming from the fungi) and I'm having trouble keeping it dry, as my clinician suggested not keeping the foreskin retracted too long.

Have you heard of people getting circumsized WHILE still infected as a solution or if the infection had to be cleared beforehand for them? Im hope I haven't built up an immunity to all antifungals before I can get my foreskin removed. This stuff just seems like it refuses to respond to conventional treatments atm.
I should also add I seen a dermatologist who agreed it was Candidal Balanitis and has swabbed a culture to try and grow. I'm unsure of how this works but I'm ASSUMING it's to test whatever I have down there's response to different medicines and find which is the most effective.

As for keeping dry, have you heard of people using a hair dryer or any other successful means for staying dry?
I don't know about a hair dryer - the heat probably isn't a good idea. Just pat the area dry with a towel or a clean cloth when you can.

I don't know a lot about adult circumcision, but in general, they won't perform surgery while an infection is present. I'd imagine it's the same here, but talk to your doctor.

Are you using the antifungals as directed? Maybe you need an oral antifungal, like oral fluconazole. I'm guessing (and it's a guess) that as long as you take the antibiotic, it's going to hinder the antifungal from really doing it's thing. I'm not sure why you are taking that?

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