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IGG results

Thanks for your help. My IGg HSV-1 level was 38.10. I asked what does the high number mean and I received mixed messages on other health forums. This was the response to this question.

Your IgG level is very high.

You get two types of information:

(1) Positive means: you were exposed to herpes 1 virus at some point in life

(2) Level of IgG: It indicates the about of antibody produced in your body.

The levels are low immediately after infection, but it increases after a few weeks. The levels are high during outbreaks and reactivation as well.

I trust this site because of the wealth of information it has provided me. And this was after a one-time encounter post 5.5 weeks of oral sex and kissing. Again, thanks for your help
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All this means is that you have hsv1. Your number is pretty high, and though it's not an exact science, it's higher than what we'd expect to see early in an infection.

My guess is that this is a well established infection, meaning you've had it for a long time. We can never determine how long someone has been infected just by the blood tests.

It also means that you can't get it again from receiving oral sex. I hope you can let this go now. :)
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Thanks, Auntie Jessi. Sorry for the somewhat repetitive question and I do remember you mentioning that previously that with those numbers, it is not a recent infection, like I mentioned 5.5 weeks. I got that timeframe from a woman who I had oral and kissing with that tested positive for HSV-1. Thanks
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