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If I have herpetic Winslow (cold sore on finger) can I spread that to my genitals?

If I have a cold sore on my finger (herpetic Winslow). And I touch my genitals, am I succeptable to get genital herpes?  I know  it is rare to infect yourself but I was wondering due to potential skin on skin contact from the finger.
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Do you know that it's Whitlow (not winslow)? Has it been diagnosed as that?

If it has, chances of auto-inoculation are slim once you have had it long enough to have antibodies. Antibodies form within a few weeks to a few months, and will help protect you from getting the same strain in a different location.

If you don't have a sore, you don't need to worry about transmitting it. The virus doesn't shed from non-mucus membrane skin, like the skin on your hands.

If it hasn't been diagnosed as this, see your doctor, because lots of things - like staph, MRSA, etc - can cause serious infections, and those need antibiotics.
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Awesome thank you so much. Say this was  the first outbreak does that mean I can auto-inoculate myself?
You haven't said if it's been diagnosed as herpes. It sounds like this is all sort of hypothetical.

You can have a first outbreak and still have antibodies. If it's a new infection, you could auto-inoculate, but that's rare.

What you don't mention is pain. Herpetic whitlow is painful. If you have a sore on your finger, get it cultured. You don't know what it is unless you get it cultured. This is really important, because while herpes isn't curable, MRSA is very dangerous.
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