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-So in May 2022 I had possible exposure and got tested November 2022 (1.96, negative supplemental) and this was at labcorp.
-Got tested again in December because I had sex with this person again but this time they sent my blood to Quest Diagnostics and I got a 1.88 but they didn’t run an inhibition
-So I just recently got tested again because after taking antibiotics for a UTI I started experiencing burning/irritation inside the vagina, and on and off itching but my yeast and bv tests came back negative. I haven’t seen any sores on my skin and doctors haven’t found any inside my vagina. I’ve been dealing with this since March 2023.
-I just took another test at Quest and got a 1.50… atp i’m not sure what to do , if I have hsv isn’t my IgG supposed to keep going up? I even asked for valtrex to see if it was being caused my HSV (both suppressive and treatment doses..500 mg everyday and 1000mg every 12 hours for 5 days and it hasn’t done anything for me.
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So you probably are getting false positives. Obviously, I can't say for certain, but since your number is going down, and you had the negative supplemental, it's quite likely.

Anything below a 3.5 has a 50/50 chance of being a false positive, and the lower the number, the higher the chance of a false positive.

The blood tests look for antibodies, and to find them, they look for things in the blood with similar molecular weights. Sometimes, it picks up things that aren't antibodies that have similar weights, like normal blood proteins, causing a false positive.

There is a test called the Western Blot. Unfortunately, it's expensive, most doctors don't know about it, don't understand the limitations of the IgG, and unless you can convince one to order it for you, insurance won't cover it.

You can get it through the University of Washington, but a doctor or medical professional has to order it for you. There's a nurse practitioner named Terri Warren who will do that for you.


All told, it will be several hundred dollars by the time it's done. It wouldn't be unreasonable to just call your tests false positives and call it a day. It's up to you if you need further testing in order to move beyond this.

That wouldn't explain your symptoms, though, if you test negative. Have you tested for other STIs, like gonorrhea and chlamydia? Mycoplasma? Trich? Were your encounters protected?

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Yes , I already know about the WB but i’m in college and just can’t afford it right now, on Terri’s site I read something where she said that a negative supplemental from labcorp and the WB have very good correlation. And yes i’ve been tested for every other STI and they come back negative so i’m not sure why i’ve been having daily symptoms for 2 months now. I’m lesbian so no protection was really involved, I did have genital to genital contact. I just don’t understand why my number keeps going down. Also, I am Vitamin D deficient if that can cause my scores to keep coming out low.
Ohh vitamin D deficiency has been linked to higher incidence of BV and vaginal atrophy, which is just thinning of the vaginal tissues. That thinning can cause itching and dryness.

Are you taking a vitamin D supplement? How deficient are you?

Yes, I've read that Terri has done a lot of work with the supplementals and has a lot of examples of them corresponding with the WB. I think you'd be okay just calling it negative, but even if you can't afford the test, you can get a consult with Terri for $100, or post on her forum for $25. I don't know that she'd say anything different than what you already know.

Even though you had genital to genital contact, as a lesbian, the chances of getting herpes from genital to genital contact are lower than if it were male/female or male/male. The friction, typically, isn't as strong or rough, for lack of a better description. We don't have transmission rates for same sex couples, unfortunately, but generally speaking, lesbian couples have far lower STI transmission rates for all STIs.

Is your partner on meds? That will also significantly reduce the risk.

Vitamin D levels are 30 m/L + to be considered efficient , I was sitting at 18 m/L when I got my blood tested. And I no longer talk to that partner so I have no idea if they were taking meds. I have a new partner which is why I want to make sure i’m good. I just want to understand why i’ve been irritated down there for months
That is seriously low vit D. Are they putting you on supplements?

I saw in your post in Women's Health that you are asking about lichen sclerosus. Have you seen pics of that? Google image that - see if it looks the same.

Really, I do wonder if you have atrophic vaginitis. The cracked skin you mention sounds a lot like it. I have it because I'm much older and in menopause. I also have seriously low vit D, and just started supplements, and it seems to be helping.

Google the best vitamin D supplements - not all brands are the same. Get the best one in your price range.
I come my blood taken at a lab , im still looking for a primary doctor. I started taking 5000 IU of vitamin D daily but my symptoms haven’t gone away. I highly doubt it’s herpes since it started after taking antibiotics, it’s just so frustrating because i’m only 20 and i’ve just been irritated every single day since march
You may have an issue with absorption - I did. I now take 50,000 IU of vit D once a week, and I'm getting tested soon to see if that's helping.

I'm sure it is frustrating. Is there a Planned Parenthood near you? They are excellent at women's health, and work on a sliding fee scale, so a broke college student can get seen for a pretty low cost.
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