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IgM positive for HSV 1

So i got tested about 4 weeks ago for Herpes. I got tested for HSV 1 and 2 both IgM and IgG. Everything was negative, except the HSV 1 IgM was positive, and Negative IgG, and the doc told me that i have a recent infection. Ive never had cold sores or anything, which means it could be an asymptomatic shedding. The doc told me to take Acyclovir 800 mg for 5 days. But then another doc and some articles says that IgM is not reliable. Does that mean that the test might showed me a false positive? Does that mean that maybe i have never had any Herpes? I'm planning on taking an IgG test tomorrow to make sure. I'll appreciate any responses. Thx
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Igm testing for herpes is absolutely useless. No std expert recommends the igm. Even the concervative CDC is against the test. Disregard it!!
The issue is the vast amount of false positives. The test really can't even tell hsv1 from hsv2. The moral of the story is most Dr's have no clue about hsv testing and many labs are pulling it from their testing menu.
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First of all, why are you taking a herpes test? Was there a possible exposure that you are concerned about? If not, I can't even imagine why any doctor would prescribe Acyclovir when you have a negative IgG test and NO symptoms. That's completely ridiculous!  
Agreed!!! Ignorance and drug pushing. That's my opinion.
I actually did some risky activity and that was receiving a lot oral sex. I got tested just to make sure don't have any stds, because although i have never experienced any symptoms, i was told that herpes can be asymptomatic. So are you guys telling me that it's possible that i don't have herpes?
No one can say oral sex is risk free, but it is pretty low risk compared to unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Very few STDs are efficiently transmitted through oral, and most people do not have active oral STDs.
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It's a huge posibility. Never go by an igm result. Hsv1 is rarely asymptomatic when acquired. This is due in part to not having any hsv in your system prior to contracting it. Over half the adult population has hsv1. So when people that have hsv1 contract hsv2 there body has defenses built that can make the new infection incredibly mild and or asymptomatic. Some of the worst primary outbreaks I've ever seen has been hsv1 genital infections. All your evidence that matters points to you not having contracted genital hsv1
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