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Im I at high risk for contacting hpv-2

Met a girl online. We fooled around with our cams. She then invited me over for the real thing. I was hesitant but ultimately agreed. She is married and her and her husband share a open marriage. She even had to call him when I arrived and left. When I arrived she was wearing a mens tank top and no panties. She took me to the bathroom and performed oral sex on me. When she was done I put on a condom and began intercourse. After she cummed I pulled of the condom and ejaculated on her breast. I then put her on the bathroom counter and began performing oral sex. At this time I noticed on her lower stomach above her vagina what looked similar to pictures on the internet of herpe blisters scabbing over and even looked as she attempted to hide it with cover up make up. I also began noticing it not on her vagina but very small patches like this around the vagina. I immediatley stoped what I was doing and asked what it was. She claimed it to be from her shaving which i did not by. I for some reason kind of pulled up her tank top and on her side and noticed the same thing but much bigger and much more visible. She had claimed it to be a burn she got from a former abusive boy friend which I also did not believe. I stopped sexual contact and asked for soap to clean up. I could tell I embarrassed her and she had a lump in her throat as she went to retrieve the soap. As I washed my hand I noticed a brown discharge on my fingers from me fingering her vagina. I asked her what that was from. She said I have no STD's I dont know. Im certain what I saw was scabbed over herpe blisters, if im wrong what else could it have been. If it was a skin condition why wouldnt she tell me the truth and escape the acquistions of STD's. Because of the bogus explanations i was given that it was from shaving and a burn and the fact she attempted to hide it with a tanktop has me convienced she has herpes. I was irritated and felt lied to, and that my health was put at jeapordy, which I am resposible for since I choose to be sexually active. Here our my major concerns:
1. Im I at risk of contracting hpv-2 orally since I performed oral sex on what might be someone with hpv-2? I noticed nothing on her vagina were I was performing oral sex just around and above the vagina.
2. I did use a condom, but how effective our condoms from preventing herpes?
3. Im I at risk from her performing oral sex on me.
Theres was lil skin to skin contact. She performed oral sex on me, I had intercourse with her while she was sitting on a counter, so there was lil skin to skin contact during intercourse, I then performed oral sex on her when I began to notice anything.
I immedialty washed my hands, washed my mouth, and washed my penis. I told her I was leaving she said ok go and was anxious by this time for me to leave. I rushed home, rinsed my mouth out with mouth wash, did not brush, did not want to cause gum bleeding if I had some virus or bacteria in my mouth. I then took a shower, and now here I am online so scared. Im pretty sure I hpv-1, for I have had cold sores I heard hpv-1 lowers the risk of contacting hpv-2 because of the antibodies is this true? Is there an antibiotic I can take that would help lower my risk after the fact?
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I think you mean hsv and not hpv - they are 2 different viruses.

Herpes is a virus so no, no antibiotics will help.

fyi - washing up after sex just helps you smell better - it doesn't decrease your risk of std's.  

At this point I recommend that you be seen this week and get a baseline herpes igg blood test done to see what your baseline herpes status is. Legally you'll need this should you end up with herpes from this encounter and wish to pursue anything on that end.  Should you develop any symptoms orally or genitally within the next couple of weeks, see your provider again at that time for a lesion culture and typing.  Repeat your blood test in 4 months regardless just to err on the side of caution.

Hsv1 doesn't give you any significant protection against contracting hsv2.

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Thanks for your response. From what I understand the IgG blood test takes atleast one week to be able to detect antibodies. Which would result in a falst negative. And it appears the test also sometimes has a hard time distinguishing between antibodies form hpv 1 and 2 resluting in a false positive for hpv2. Im I wrong?
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You'd need the baseline herpes igg blood test done now to prove that you didn't have herpes prior to this encounter which is why I suggested getting one done now.

Once again - hsv is the abbreviation for herpes simplex virus, hpv is the abbreviation for human papillomavirus.

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