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Incredibly high HSV-1 and 2 IgG result

Hi. I am really worried about my HSV-1 and 2 IgG test result. The method used was ELISA, although it wasn't specified what kind it was. The result I got was incredibly high.

The test had a reference range of:
12 U/mL - positive

The results I got for HSV-1 is 78.31 U/mL while for HSV-2 is 30.84 U/mL. How could this be? Can't that be an error on the laboratory's part?

The reason for testing was because I got a cold sore for the first time last week. I had the doctor check it on the same day and claimed it really was Herpes labialis and put me on Acyclovir tablets. Being a hypochondriac, I took an IgG test for both HSV types the next day, while my cold sore was still there. By the way, my cold sore was just a single blister and it was painless and it didn't break nor ooze out or crust.

My mom claimed she has HSV-1 and I am assuming I got it from her when sharing stuff with her. I gave unprotected oral sex to a guy with unknown history about a year ago but never showed any symptoms post-exposure.

My questions are:

1) What kind of ELISA tests give that kind of result? I have searched all over the internet and the units of reference range isn't like that of the one I had. The usual ones I saw are "1.1, or 2.5", but never that range. Don't you think that 78 and 30 are too high?

2) Is it possible to have false positives on the result when taking an IgG test too soon and while the cold sore was present?

3) Could have I contracted this just recently although the cold sore was obvious but not painful?

4) Could a person have both types of HSV, given those high values?

I really need your help. Thank you
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The reference range was:

12 U/mL - positive
Equivocal is 8 to 12 U/mL
Negative is below 8 U/mL
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You definitely have hsv1 but the hsv2 can be a false positive. The number isn't that high and crossover from hsv1 antibodies is common. I would retest and see what happens
Can there ever be a false positive for IgG tests? Do you agree that I had tested too soon because of the existing cold sore?

What's the likelihood of getting both types? Thanks for your reply
Yes. That's what I said above. Low false positives are common for hsv2 when someone has hsv1.
I don't agree you tested to soon. You've had hsv1 for awhile. The test looks for antibodies you produce to combat the virus. Not the virus itself.
Many people have both. Retest again in a few weeks
Is it possible for me to get both HSV 1 and 2 orally? That's the only possible mode of transmission I have, based on my history. Thank you
It's possible but highly unlikely. Hsv2 flat out doesn't like the oral cavity. Hsv2 oral infections are not very common at all.
Even if you had hsv2 orally it's not a big deal as oral hsv2 has very few if any outbreaks and sheds very little. The odds of ever spreading hsv2 when it's an oral infection is slim to none.
I've only ever had a cold sore in my life. I was only applying lip balm when I noticed a bump on my lip, which became a blister (one blister) after a few hours. No pain, no itching, no tingling. I was wondering how I could have gotten it, and based on facts the primary infection is usually the worst. And the recurrent outbreaks just show single sores.

Is it possible for a recurrent outbreak to be worse than a primary infection? I don't recall having any in the past. Thanks so much.
I doubt recurring outbreaks being worse. I suppose it's possible. The most likely scenario is you were infected in your childhood. This is when most people get it. It's very common. You might of had an outbreak or two as a small child then it went dormant. Point is you clearly have hsv1 which over 50% of the population does. I doubt your hsv2 test was an accurate possitive.
Hi feelingundone,

I did take an IgM test also the other day, and results came back negative. I know IgM tests are unreliable but I just wanted to know if antibodies already started forming by then.

So what I have now is a "positive" IgG results for both, while negative for IgM. Doesn't make sense right? I will retest after 3 months just to be sure. I'm still hoping the results of the recent IgG test was wrong as I did these tests in different institutions.
Retestingredients with igg is the best course of action. The igm results make perfect sense. You have two possibilities. First you have both hsv1 and two. Or the hsv2 was a false positive due to the cross over of hsv1 antibodies. The hsv2 tests are more sensitive and this is common
If ever I have Hsv-2, i wouldn't know where i got it from. I've never ever had genital outbreaks. Just the cold sore on the lip.
If, say, I had protected sex with a guy whose history i'm not sure of but claims he doesn't have herpes, is there a likelihood I'd acquire it genitally? Thanks
It's not likely as condoms are pretty effective. Not 100% but pretty darn good. They actually protect the female better than the male.
So for example I had a single protected encounter with a guy with unknown history (but he claims he has none because he was offended when I asked him if he has hsv and other symptoms), my risk is extremely low?

Thanks for all ur help feelingundone
Your risk is extremely low. As close to zero as you can get. In other words it doesn't warrant concern
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