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Infecting loved ones

I’ve written a couple posts, and by everyone’s responses it sounds like I might have a false positive. However, until I know for sure it’s hard to stop the paranoia.

My question is, is it possible for me to pass on Hsv2 to a family member or friend? For example, I accidentally burned my legs (when it rains it pours right?). A loved was putting cream on for me and I started to get worried that if I am positive I could infect them.

Also, I am paranoid about this because my gyn said based on my results I am positive.. and I could have even been infected from my roommate who is positive and I share clothes/utensils/bathroom with. Possible?

Thanks is advance
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Well your Dr is mistaken
Hsv2 genital infection is an std. Meaning contracted through sexual contact. Penetrating intercourse. You will not pass it to friends or family . Not through clothes or putting cream on your leg
Thanks. It’s really hard to know what to believe when one doctor says “a positive is a positive” and “not everyone has visible sores and here I am reading different things. Just different info everywhere. I appreciate your response!.
You're very welcome. Most Dr's are clueless on hsv. The key for internet research is picking sites or experts that have actual credited knowledge. Go to the asha and read what experts like Dr Handsfield, Dr Hook and Terri Warren say about hsv.
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