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Information about genital HSV-1

Hi Doc, I've recently found out that I have been tested positive for HSV-1 in the genitals and i feel saddened.. I have received oral from a woman a few weeks ago. Right now, i am using cream to help with my ulcers on my penis. I've read a lot about HSV 1 but there are some questions that I still don't quite understand.  

1. I know that HSV-1 is predominantly located on the mouth. However, since i have it on my penis would outbreaks occurs just as often as it in the the mouth?

2. My ulcers seem to be healing, and soon may disappear. I have been told that what i have right now is a primary OB but it will get easier, and eventually there will not be any symptoms. In that case, even though I do not have any signs or symptoms, will the person who gives me oral receive HSV1?

3. What about unprotected genital - genital contact? I heard that hsv1 is mainly based around the mouth. I do think about my future a lot. I am still young at the moment, but there will be a time where id like to have kids and also have unprotected sex. If I end up having no symptoms of any sort years later, would I be okay to have unprotected sex?

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How did you find out you have it? was it through a swab or iGg test?
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Swab test
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