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A year ago I noticed a strange rash on my penis while urinating. Of course I freaked out and self diagnosed myself with everything under the sun. I went and got checked for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and all came back negative. Went to dr and was prescribed triamcinolone cream it didn't seem to help but rash was still present but not as predominant.

Year later I have unprotected sex and the rash came back and has been with me for the last 3wks. Went to clinic again to get tested a week after it didn't go away, no news on that test (but no news is good news is what they said).
Went to dr again and she said didn't look like herpes and said I shouldn't worry so much and it most likely was yeast infection. She prescribed me Lamisil tablets for a week, didn't really do anything. Had protected sex and it made my penis really red all over head and it dried out and peeled. It is still inflamed and after I urinate it dribbles quite a bit.

The rash doesn't have blisters or lesions and doesn't itch just a "hot" feeling and covers my entire head with no discharge of any kind. My urethra is sore from time to time also.

I have a dermatologist appointment but the soonest I could get in is a month away. I have severe anxiety from it, I know the dr said both times it wasn't herpes but I cany figure out what it could be.
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this doesn't sound like herpes going on. it is lasting far too long for herpes symptoms. even without treatment they will go away on their own.

I'd see an urologist too at this point.

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Thank you for your response Grace.

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