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Hi all
Recently I visited an adult erotic massage parlor about two weeks ago. I did not have intercourse it was a hand based ejaculation. I have had tingling sensation and slight discomfort in my penis. The girl put a condom on my penis through her mouth but eventually did a hand job. I went to my doctor after 12 days of exposure did all STD tests and came back negative. I still had discomfort in my penis but went back to which the doctor mentioned Herpes test was not conducted. He has ordered it now. I am so worried and feel terribly anxious. My questions to other users or doctors here are
1) can I have herpes genital as I can see small cuts two probably when my penis head is dry?
2) if Ian diagnosed with herpes then does that mean I can never have sex with a female?
3) if I am tested positive with herpes could I have  contracted HIV though I never had intercourse and merely an hand job may be also classed as oral as she put the condom using her mouth.

Please help me as I am anxious and feel miserable
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1) We cannot answer this question, because the only way to know if you have herpes is to test for it.
2) The answer is NO.   (you will be able to have sex with a female)
3) You can NOT get HIV from a hand job (regardless of your herpes status)
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Than you jessyjames2010

Your answers are comforting. I have asked for a herpes test to be completed as well and will get the result in 4 days. I hope I test negative and I have learnt my lesson. I have decided that the best way moving forward is abstinence and will find a true partner.

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you won't get herpes from a hand job. you also won't get it from protected oral sex.

odds are this is from any massage lotions on the hands of the person who gave you the hand job.  follow up with your provider as symptoms continue. there is no reason to think this is std related.
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Hi to jessyjames and gracefromhhp
Thanks for your patience and time in answering my questions. The tickling sensation and pain has now reduced and quite occasional occurrence. Please yell me this
A test result which I'm awaiting to collect on herpes was given after 12 days of exposure. If negative can it be true ?
Also I do not have any visible rash anywhere on my genitals or thighs or other areas but the head of penis"glans" have slight wrincly skin quite small and it is near the left side close to the urinary opening. Is that a herpes infection

Please bear with my questions as I'm anxious and cannot sleep or do any of my work. Anxiety would be at an all time high of 100%
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please yell me this....he he he  that typo made me picture me standing in front of you looking all mean mom like and shaking my finger at you as I speak to you....lol.

herpes blood testing is not accurate 12 days post encounter. was enver any reason to test for herpes or any other std though.

as I already said, odds are your symptoms were from the massage lotion .

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Hi grace
Just came back from the doc and he said that he found previous herpes negative but positive for exposure within 28 days...I'm devastated. I'm taking antibiotics. All other smtd tests were negative. As I said I just had a hand job but had my condom put through her mouth. Please tell me if I need to rest for HIV? are there chances of contracting HIV as now I have herpes! Please give me some advise
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if that was a + igm result then your provider is erring in your treatment. the igm test for herpes is a flawed test and current cdc standards of care are that it not be drawn on adults for the purpose of diagnosing herpes. a + igm for herpes is pretty much meaningless.

this was not a risk for std's. there was never any need for any testing from it. Unfortunately you saw a provider who ordered testing but doesn't understand the testing properly and is most likely treating you needlessly :(
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Hi grace
Can you explain a bit more as I am not able to understand this. Are you saying blood test which was taken after 12 days of exposure is not true? If so why is the blood test showing positive for some sort of herpes infection within the last 28 days? I do not have any visible sores but I am currently taking Famvir three times a day is it necessary? Please advise
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the herpes igm test has a very high false positive rate. it's not supposed to be used on adults. treating you because of a + igm result is not good medicine :(  

there was never any reason to treat you if you didn't have obvious symptoms either.
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Hi Grace
I'm confused and a bit of hope. What options do I have now? I had a tingling sensation a few days ago but not any more. No rashes or visible sores. How else would I know if I have herpes? Please advise
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if you should get obvious lesions, be seen and get them cultured and typed. Otherwise you'll need to wait to at least 3 months after the encounter and repeat your igg testing.

encourage your provider to read the 2010 cdc herpes guidelines. even though they don't apply in australia, they are still very helpful for providers to update their herpes testing knowledge.
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Thanks grace. One final question
Please explain how herpes and HIV are contracted. My biggest concern is if Ian tested positive for herpes through the above mentioned incident will need to be worried for HIV? Please clarify
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I don't think you are comprehending that we've told you several times now that you won't get std's from a hand job or protected oral sex. really, no reason for any std testing and no reason for any worry from this.
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Hi Grace
I completed another serology blood test post 6.5weeks for HSV, the rest results were the same as before
HSV TYPE 1 IgG negative
HSV TYPE 2 IgG negative
HSV TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 IgM positive

My doc I still cannot believe said this" I'm not sure of this test result it could be that you have Hsv 1 and 2 but the report also says it could Hsv 1 or hsv2 do not worry you do nit have any lesions and if o I wilk give you famvir but e mentioned we will take a complete STD screening in 3 months to be safe"

I do not understand now as my test in two weeks showed IgM positive and still shows close to 7 weeks. It could be a false positive by god's grace or that I have not developed IgG antibodies yet. How long does it take to develop IgG antibodies?

I have had chicken pox and measles as a kid any effects on that now?
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Please re-read Grace's responses, otherwise you are wasting all of our time. IGM is worthless. Share the 2010 CDC Herpes testing guidelines with your doctor.

As well, Grace has responded several times now: THIS WAS NOT A RISK FOR ANY STD!!!!
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you do not need famvir. encourage your provider to update their information on herpes testing so that they are not doing a disservice to their patients like they are doing currently.

you might test + for igm your entire lifetime even. it's a flawed test and the results of it are pretty meaningless.
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