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Initial hsv 2??? Autoinoculation? Please.

So 11/7 i had a one night stand with a random girl i met at a college party. We had protected sex. But i performed cunnilingus on her. Only for about 30 seconds, during which i also licked her anus. About 2 days after i had a sore throat. Which felt like i had a lump in there. Soon after it turned into fever, headaches, night sweats, chills and fatigue. After those symptoms died down my neck became verry swollen. I could see my tonsils were too. After About a week it went away. And about 21 days after, now a bump has formed on my lip. It started as these tiny white dots under my middle upper lip white balooned the area a bit. So i am fairly sure i contracted herpes. It has not changed color in 5 days now though. It just looks like an air bubble, but under it are small cluster of white dots with a slight reddish area in the middle. Now heres my question. This is my first herpes infection. Since i was sick ive been inspecting my mouth almost every 10 minutes. Im afraid i mightve spread it on myself. Now i can see a strange excess skin wrinkle on my anus. I opened then wrinkled skin to see an open red and pinkish sore. Not much discomfort, maybe a very slight burning when going  to the bathroom. I have also just noticed two white marks on the tip of my penis. One very small, one fairly long and bean shaped. It is not raised. It is just a white colored area. And i could slightly feel its irritated when rubbing against my boxers. I know the anal wrinkle/sore and white marks on my penis were NOT there 4 days ago. The white mark has been there maybe 2 days now. Hasnt changed. On my anus? It mustve beem there about 2-3. Because out of paranoia i remember checking. Now i am really scared i spread this possible herpes on myself. For the most part ive been very clean, its just ive been inspecting my mouth so often. Im afraid i messed up. Im very scared. My doctor has dismissed everything by visual inspection. And i am currently waiting for results from an hsv viral swab of my lip bump. Does this sound like hsv and does it sound like i self infected my genitials? In my mouth there are no visible sores. I thought i was okay until i saw the cluster under my lip. Which turned into the bump. It seems odd that if it was hsv. That it hasnt changed in 5 days. Still an air bubble on my lip. And the white skin irritation on my penis? Is that a blister forming? Please i need help. Please. Please.
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I am sorry for the grammar. I meant to say as for my anus i dont feel any discomfort, maybe a slight burn. It is the same with the white marks on the very tip of my penis. Maybe i do feel a verrry slight irritation from my boxers. But i am an anxious paranoid mess. I forgot to mention i had a throat culture,  urine and blood test about 6 days after. I didnt know much about std tests. Everything was negative. And my doctor so far has given me. first some antibiotic pills, then some different type because the 1st upset my digestion. Then a shot because i still felt a lump sore throat feeling. And a swollen tonsil on the left side of my head. Im awaiting the second viral swab results. As for my lip i also meant to say it hasnt changed color at all. The bubble on the outer part of my lip is normal, but there is the verry tiny reddish spot between the cluster line of tiny white dots, which is under the air bubble, and on the inner part of the lip. My doctor keeps telling me it doesnt look like herpes. I will know the results next week. I am still trying to find the mystery girls number/facebook too. I feel so hopeless. I have alwys been so healthy. I am 22 and i almost feel i dont want to live anymore. It feels like my life
Is ruined, and i cant stop crying. I am so depressed. I don't know how i've been going to work. I cant sleep, eat. I cant concentrate. I will keep this post updated. Writings of young healthy kid, dealing with possibly contracting an std. She is only the 3rd girl ive ever been with. I mever thought this could happen to me. Any thoughts on my original questions? Did i possibly infect my genitials?
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Ahhh i also also forgot to mention. This mystery girl was about 27. And i could tell she was very well experienced. At least a ton more than i am. From what i also saw she had xanax and i think vicodin in her purse, in a marijuana container. I keep thinking she mightve been a druggie. And ive caught hiv. But marijuana and prescription pills is a common sight at college parties. She also seemed like a hygenic girl. And when i performed oral sex on her i did think i saw a bump, between her vagina and anus. But the room was dark. And i thought it was probably just a mole. I am so scared. Please anyone?
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As god as my witness. If i turn out to be okay. I will drastically change my life. Before all this i quit smoking for about 2 months. I started right back up last week. I want to better myself. I want to be a better person. I want to live a normal life. I want to find my childhood friend, the girl ive always truly loved and tell her how ive always felt. Then grab her and just kiss her. Please please please help
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you have yourself worked up needlessly!!!!  relax!!!

have you ever been tested for herpes before to know your own status for hsv1 and hsv2?

have you had your gardasil shots for hpv too?

your sore throat , fever etc sounds like you had an upper respiratory infection going on. did you go and get your throat tested for strep when you had symptoms?

is it likely you contracted hsv2 orally from performing brief oral sex? no it is not. more likely you contracted hsv1 orally from kissing someone than hsv2 from performing brief oral sex.  

statistically 1 out of every 2-3 people  you are around every day has hsv1 orally. It's incredibly common. 1 out of every 3 of us contract it before we step foot into kindergarten even!  1 out every 4-5 people has hsv2. Both types of herpes are very common and never a reason to end your life!  having herpes has nothing to do with how much you get around or how hygienic you are either.

if you do have oral herpes, did you transmit it to other body parts? no you did not.

how long ago was the lesion culture of your lip done?

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I had the swab on my lip bump done 12/4.  Waiting until next week for results. I had the first throat culture, & blood and urine tests done 6 days after. Every std was negative. Although i dont know which ones wouldnt show so early besides hsv. My throat does still feel funny. Like theres a lump, i feel like its b/c of my tonsil because i feel the lump when i swallow right in that area. But when i preformed oral i licked all around her vaginal opening. And someone just called me last night. My friends are on a manhunt for this girl, i was also just visting the campus. Saying she had approached many other guys before me. I am at work again. This morning still nothings changed. The air bubble on my lip is the same. The white marks on the tip of my penis hasnt changed either. Nothing hurts at all. Maybe my anus burns. Verrry slightly. But nobody believes my std concern. Its the timing! I was perfectly fine before. Perfect!  Then right after this encounter i get so sick? I think the signs show i picked up some sort of virus. And mono was neg, im not sure about strep but im sure they tested for it too. I had a wide range of tests done. I am also going to see a throat specialist. Next week.
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i also do remember when i inserted a finger into her vagina. she flinched in pain, i thought it mightve been because of my nail, it wasn't well filed, and a bit sharp like i had just cut it recently without filing it. this bump on my lip is making me lose it. i work in a job where i deal with a good 10-15 customers a day. i can already see peoples' eyes wandering toward my lip. even my coworkers. i will post pictures if i can.  
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