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Interpreting two different HSV serologic tests

In 2015, I had an IgM and an IgG Chemiluminescence test for HSV types I/II (the test result was no type-specific). IgM was non-reactive, but IgG was reactive with an index value of 2.00 (reference: reactive > 1.1). I've never had any classical manifestation symptoms neither on my orolabial area nor on my genital area. From time to time, I have tiny red bumps both in the glans and in the foreskin. They don't itch, don't burn and don't hurt. They usually heal spontaneously within a day. My urologist told me they look like balanoposthitis caused by candida albicans.

A week ago, I had an IgM and an IgG Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) test for HSV type I only. Both IgM and IgG came back non-reactive. Does this mean that the IgG reactive index value from the first test is due to an infection (probably asymptomatic) caused by HSV 2?
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First off igm tests for hsv are useless. Your reactive igg test for hsv2 is in the low positive range. Meaning there is a 50/50 chance this is a false positive. My advice is to retest in a few weeks. Anything less than a 3.5 is suspect for a false positive.
A follow up about my story. I had another bloodwork 4 weeks post exposure, and the result was negative (IgM and IgG) for both HSV 1 and 2. People must know how likely low IgG index values can be false positives. Thanks for your answer.
You're welcome.
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