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Irritated meatus

About 18 days after receiving unprotected oral from a stranger. My meatus became irritated. I tested neg for gono/clym the doctor did not notice anything on my meatus givin my symptoms she did not seem concerned.

The constant irritation went away after about 10 days. It was gone for 4 weeks now its back.
To better describe. it does not hurt constantly, maybe a few minuets or an hour or two. Sometimes when cloths rub on it that causes a little pain. Sometimes not. Yesterday it was irritated almost all day on/off. today i have not noticed it much. The skin on my penis does also have random time to time burning sensation. 1-2 on pain out of 10.
Mainly just really irritating.

Meatus seems a bit red. Never any discharge and it does NOT hurt to pee or ejuculate.

Just irritated meatus. Inbetween the irritated meatus periods, i had some symptoms of Hsv. I tested neg for hsv/2 in igg blood and neg in a swab test that took place at the very tail end of what might have been an out break.  

Any ideas??

My insurance is no good most visits i pay for full visit out of pocket.

Just trying to search for some answers/guidance.

Could it really be all in my head?
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Reading through your other posts, this is the first time you've mentioned this symptom that I can see.

When you had testing done, did they just do gonorrhea and chlamydia testing, or did they look at your urine for white blood cells? You could have urethritis, even if you don't have any burning or pain when you pee or ejaculate.

The other thing is that it could be an allergic reaction or sensitivity - are you wearing new underwear, using a new laundry detergent, new soap, anything?

It could also be anxiety and a hyperawareness of the area, for sure.
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Thank you for your response! I cannot say if they looked at the white blood cells or not.

After telling the dr. And her looking at it. She seemed very unconcerned she did take her time and care. but acted as if this was a non issue.

If this were to be Urethritis. Could symptoms come and go. For example today at lunch, I felt it for a little while. Maybe an hour but nothing since then.

Also is Urethritis PAINFULL or just irritating.
My symptoms are really just irritating and cause fear. I cant really say it hurts.

Only asking out of ignorance not in any way trying to debate.

Your help and assurance is priceless. Thank you thank you!!!
You can call the doctor and ask if they did this test. They should tell you.

Usually, the symptoms are constant, but in another thread, I did mention that it could be prostatitis. That could cause intermittent symptoms - sometimes it gets worse if you're sitting or lying down, etc.

Do you notice it when you are busy? If you don't, it could be anxiety and hyperawareness.
It does happen more when i think about it.
Today I seen another dr. At the std testing center for community health.

She was fantastic but did kinda give me the impression it was my new shorts, a dermitolgy issue or something other than an std.

She was very informative and answered all my questions. She even said "lets re-test for everything to ease your mind" (so we did)

She was great at her job. but again acted like there is no real "sti problem"  very reassuring and helpfull.

I do think maybe i get another Igg in a few weeks but perhaps its time to let it go.

In my personal opinion as long as this is not an std. The slight time to time irritation. might be a blessing as a reminder of how great my life is and to enjoy my family and make better choices.

When i can get better insurance i might seek the help/opinion of a dermotoligist. That was the dr best advice.

For now im just going to enjoy the neg results of my tests thus far. and love my family like i could lose them at any moment. Not out of fear but to be the husband and dad they deserve. After all is'nt that a key to life. Maybe this whole thing was a good "come to Jesus" wake up call. IT WORKED!!!

Auntiejessi i wish i could hug you. Thanks so much for your prompt feed back. Your the best!!!!
You're welcome.

Years ago, when I didn't have insurance, a lot of docs let me self-pay, and their rates were incredibly discounted. If your symptoms don't get away or get worse, ask if that's an option. Just act like you don't have insurance.

Also, if you're in the US, STDCheck and LetsGetChecked ate good options for herpes testing at lower prices than at a doctor's office. They offer the same test, so just go with the one that is more convenient/cheaper - whichever is more important.

Just keep in mind that the hsv2 IgG has false positives, and you can't just get a type 1 test (which is what you are at risk for with oral sex). Oh - when you tested, do you already have hsv1? If you do, you can't get that again.

Hang in there, ok?
Thank you for the insurance info help.

I used Quest for my Igg test $149.
And the community health department charged me $40. For a hsv 1&2 swab test. All neg results.

Yesterday i tried neosporin on my meatus irritation. And have had no irritation all day. Even now when im thinking about it.

After my first dr visit about a week before what i thought was the worst herpe out break. DR told me to use lotrimin. (So i did)

The otherday i looked up side effects of lotrimin. Guess what.
Irritated skin, rash, feeling of burning and pimple like bumps. Are all side effects.

After reading that i stoped the lotrimin. The burning penis skin is gone.

Maybe this is whishfull thinking. but maybe this was all just. other things that lead to other things and i let regret and depression take me to the worst possible outcome.

Either way. I will Igg test again in a few weeks. And keep you posted.

Also in high school i had a very sexual relationship for over a year with a girl who had cold sores. I have never had symptoms though. That was 15 years ago.

In any case 2 nurses, a doctor, auntijessi, a swab test and an igg at 8-9 weeks are all sugesting/telling me its not herpes.

Im feeling a LOT better about everything.

Thank so very much! You have no idea how much help you have been to me. Ill keep you updated
Sometimes, the answers really are the simplest. Keep me posted. :)
Hey auntiejessi, quick question.
What is the proablity of a false negative igg test?
Depends on the timing, a lot of the time.

It can take up to 12 weeks to develop antibodies, which is what the test looks for. About 70% of people develop antibodies by 6 weeks.

Overall, the hsv1 misses 30% of infections, and the hsv2 IgG misses 8%.

You only received oral, so your only risk is for hsv1. Hsv2 is only transmitted from genital to genital contact, which you didn't have. Your negative swab test is also very important here.
Hey auntiejessi,

I was hoping to run a thought by you. Just to get your opinion.
The spot i thought was herpes on the mid part of the underside of my shaft has Been a bit irritated again latley. Neosporin does make a difference but does not heal it. As the weather cools down im not sweating as much 80% of the time i notice nothing at all. However when i sweat it gets worse (irritated to kinda sore 1-2 out of 10) as i cool off it almost completly goes away. Untill i get sweaty again. What are your thoughts/knowledge on Genital psoriasis.
As some picture online of Genital psoriasis. Looks closer to what i have.

My understanding is hsv1 out break would hurt 100% of the time regardless of sweat or not. (Correct??)

Also genital hsv1 probably would not cause an out break then 6 weeks later another out break. (Im asking???)

Genital psoriasis might get more irritated with sweat. (My understanding???)

Never had psoriasis anywhere. but i did read its possible to only get Genital psoriasis. And not no have symptoms other places.

Also recently the nurse at health clinic said urgent care would have tested for NGU with my urin clym/gono test. She also was very confident this was not herpes. My real worry is when she did the swab a few weeks age. On the suspected herpes. It was almost healed. Would swab still pick up hsv1. Or could it cause a false neg result??

I wish i could pay you for your thoughts as they are so very helpful and comforting!
Thanks so so so much!!!
A PCR swab might pick up on herpes if it's almost healed. It's more sensitive than a regular culture. A regular culture might not.

You should see a dermatologist if you suspect psoriasis.
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