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Is blood test for Herpes after 7 days exposure too early to tell?

I had an experience with sex work (oral/intercourse) with condemn all the time. Very guilty and anxiety after that. So at the 3 days after the exposure, I went to have a blood test. Got the results:

HSV1, IGG, =1.25 (abnormal)
HSV2, IGG (negtive)

And all other results are negative.

Then I freaked out as the number 1.25 means positive. So I got another test after 7 days, I got the results:

HSV 1, IGG = 1.33 (abnormal)
HSV 2, IGG = negative

So far, I don't have any outbreak sign, but my testicle feel swollen and burning. And I keep examine my bottom area and didn't find anything.

Is there any possible the results is a false positive as most information state it takes at least 4-6 weeks to show the results. Is that right? Can it be detected after 2 weeks? And if it is 1.35 for HSV1, is that mean I contracted HSV?

Thanks for the help.
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This confirms pretty much that you have an oral HSV1 infection. As for HSV2, you need to wait until 16 weeks after the episode and test. The chances are very low, especially if you have no lesions appear in the first week afterwards.
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Thanks for the respond.
So if it's oral HSV1,  what is the symptom, as I don't have Any outbreak. Would that be in the mouth area or the genital area? Would nose itch and block would be the outbreak?
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Ah yes, sorry, I forgot to clarify that your HSV1 infection is from your youth most probably. Many people are infected before age 3 and have no living memory of outbreaks. This hence has nothing to do with the CSW.
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