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Is it an ingrown hair, or herpes?

When I shave I shave everywhere starting from the top of my vagina to basically my anus. I shave upwards, which I know is not good because it goes against the hair so it is more likely to cause ingrown hairs. This makes me very itchy so I scratch which forms bumps after awhile. But i have noticed a large bump between my leg and my vagina. It was red at first and than i popped it thinking maybe it was an ingrown hair or a pimple. I have been with the same boyfriend for a very long time now and I have never had this problem before. That is why I am not to sure if it is an ingrown hair or herpes. Please help me, i dont know what else to do!!
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If this is different from your usual shaving bumps then it needs looked at by your provider.  If you and your bf have never had a full std screening done including herpes testing, why not get them done while it's on your mind so you don't have to think std when things like this happen?

You know you are shaving the wrong way.  I'm sure bumps afterwards are not attractive to boot. Itching also is annoying. Perhaps look into a different hair removal method?  Have you looked into laser hair removal?

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